Chris Meyer: The progressive choice for state Senate

Chris Meyer inspired me from the day I met him. I was on the board of Students for Bernie, and Chris came to speak about his platform for the Senate District 60 race at one of our meetings. 
I was skeptical at first because I hadn’t been informed at all about the local election or its candidates, so I grilled him. I was extremely impressed by the answers I received. 
I had also mentioned my student group Women for Political Change, and afterward he pulled me aside and expressed interest in talking with our group and finding out about our viewpoints. Very few other candidates displayed this level of investment in student opinions. 
After hearing from Chris, we also invited his opponent, Kari Dziedzic, to come to our student group. After listening to both platforms, it was clear to me that Meyer was the more progressive choice. 
The first time Chris Meyer and I met up to chat, he taught me things about climate change and environmental preservation that I never would have known otherwise. He expressed his support of divesting the state pension fund from fossil fuels and making sure we’re doing all we can to find new forms of clean energy. He’s a strong proponent for increasing the renewable energy standard and increasing funding for public transit as well. 
Chris’ devotion to state equality and tolerance also seemed genuinely personal in the fight for social issues. 
Every conversation I have had with Chris Meyer reminds me how important politicians are in relation to students. He is fully dedicated to stopping the drastic 60 percent tuition hikes to which out-of-state students are slowly succumbing. Chris was also the one who informed me about the University of Minnesota’s ridiculous administrative spending and its disconcerting title as one of the most bloated public universities in the country. 
A large portion of his plan is combating the outrageous salaries our administrators receive and putting that money to better educational use. 
Knowing that someone who wants to be in office is making these issues a priority is intensely comforting. I was never involved with anything but national politics before this year, and I’m finally realizing how influential local politicians are. 
Chris Meyer is the leader we need representing this diverse community of different skin colors and ages. 
Felicia Philibert
President, Women for Political Change 
University student