Police investigate Occupy Oakland shooting

by Jeff Hargarten

Police are investigating the fatal shooting of an unidentified victim encamped at Oakland’s Occupy protest, the Los Angeles Times reports.

No arrests have been made, nor do police have any leads as to who fired the shots Thursday evening.

Hundreds of protesters in front of Oakland’s City Hall heard six or seven shots fired in the midst of an altercation between two groups.

The shooting took place as television cameras were being setup for the local evening news, but no members of the media reported capturing footage of incident.

Photo courtesy of CBS News

As the Occupy movement continues protests across the world, Oakland has become the center of attention for several acts of alleged violence from protesters and police alike.

Earlier Thursday, a San Francisco ABC camera operator reported being attacked by a crowd, though it is unknown whether the incident was related to the demonstration.

Two weeks ago, a police tear gas canister struck an Iraqi war veteran in the head.

Police are pleading with Oakland activists to end the protests.