Security, staffing and student involvement surge for NFL Honors event

Super Bowl-related campus events bring increased security to the University of Minnesota.

The University of Minnesota police department is looking to hire students to help fill gaps in security staffing for Super Bowl events on campus.

Ellen Schmidt, Daily File Photo

The University of Minnesota police department is looking to hire students to help fill gaps in security staffing for Super Bowl events on campus.

Isabella Murray

Super Bowl LII’s proximity to the University of Minnesota has warranted extra security measures for campus events like the NFL Honors event and red carpet show. 

University staffing at NFL Honors on Feb. 3 will be prominent, with more UMPD officers working the event and a heightened level of student involvement. 

UMPD is increasing staff at all Super Bowl events hosted by the University, including the Startup Capital of the North Showcase in McNamara Alumni Center, Man of the Year Fan Forum at Northrop Auditorium and the NFL Honors show, said UMPD Lieutenant Chuck Miner. 

The NFL Honors show celebrates the NFL’s best players, performances and plays from the 2017 season with a two-hour prime-time awards special aired on NBC. The next NFL Hall of Fame class will also be announced.

The show will be the biggest Super Bowl-related event coming to campus. University and NFL officials worked together to plan and execute the event. 

Northrop as a venue is familiar with working with agencies of a large magnitude. 

“We’ve had presidents of countries, both the United States and foreign countries, and supreme court justices,” Northrop Marketing and Publicity Director Cari Hatcher said. “The NFL’s regulations would probably compare to that of a world leader or the president of the United States.” 

UMPD is also used to working with large agencies. UMPD helped host the Minnesota Vikings at TCF Bank Stadium when U.S. Bank Stadium was under construction.

Security at the event is managed by the NFL, who is working closely with UMPD, the Minneapolis Police Department, county and state law enforcement officials and other agencies. 

Student security monitors will also help patrol the events, according to UMPD. Security will focus on event operations and escorting important personnel to the venue. 

Staffing for the Honors and red carpet events is funded by the NFL, according to UMPD.

Sixty-four University students received paid internship positions for NFL Honors. Additionally, around 200 University community members will volunteer at the show, according to an NFL representative.

Students will work as athlete spotters, trophy presenters, ushers, backstage crew members, talent escorts and in-event production. 

This year’s event marks the first time the NFL Honors has opened up internship applications to students, as it is the first time the event will be held at a University, according to an NFL representative. 

“With the show taking place on the University’s campus, we saw a unique opportunity to engage with the student body and offer these positions that will allow them to gain valuable experience,” NFL spokesperson Catherine Boyle said in an email.