U Web registration system improved to add instant seat updates and more

by Melinda Rogers

Students using the University Web registration system should find the process quicker and easier this week, according to University officials.
A University Web development team has worked to add several new features to the system, including instant seat updates and fewer screens to add a class.
Instead of jumping from screen to screen, students will be able to complete the process of adding a class by visiting just two pages, a change from the lengthy process which involved five pages.
“Having too many screens to add a class was one of the biggest complaints from students,” said Sue Van Voorhis, director of the Office of the Registrar. “We wanted to eliminate unnecessary stops to add and drop classes.”
Besides improvements in the process for adding and dropping classes, students will find a new link to their enrollment summary and a new column in the “view holds” section of the site. This column allows access to more information about the status of their holds.
Perhaps the most beneficial new features is the instant class update.
“When students register for spring classes in November they will find that the class information is completely live and they will be able to know exactly how many seats are left,” Van Voorhis said. “Before, information on a class was a day old.”
Web developers will continue to work on the Web registration system and students might find more change in October, such as an easier login and logoff process.
“(The changes) came about from student feedback and we wanted to make the system as user-friendly as possible,” Van Voorhis said.
Student feedback about the new changes has been positive, according to Van Voorhis and Mary Koskan, Office of the Registrar associate director.
“We’ll probably hear more from people when registration starts in November, but right now we’re hearing good things from students about it,” Koskan said.
Van Voorhis agrees:
“I’m excited about it. I’m always happy when we can implement student feedback and put it in a place to make things easier for students.”
Registration for spring semester courses begins Nov. 13.

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