Spring Jam sees minimal crime uptick

One student was robbed at gunpoint on her way home from a party Friday.

by Nicholas Studenski

Minneapolis and University police filed reports for more than 25 alcohol-related incidents in the University of Minnesota area over the weekend.

Minneapolis police spokesman Scott Seroka said there was a slight increase in the number of calls to police during Spring Jam, but it was about on par with previous years.

Student robbed at gunpoint

A University student was robbed at gunpoint as she walked home from a party at about 11:50 p.m. Friday.

The student, who wished to remain anonymous because she felt threatened, said she got a call from a friend as she walked home from a party on University Avenue Southeast.

While she spoke on the phone, a man approached her, held a handgun up and demanded she give him her cellphone.

After the incident, the student said she walked back to the party and told her roommate what happened. Her roommate then walked her home.

The student said she usually doesn’t walk alone at night but didn’t want to make any of her friends leave the party early to walk with her.

Because it was the weekend of Spring Jam and she was sober, the student said, she thought it would be OK to walk home alone.

She said the incident made her feel vulnerable and threatened.

“Being a student here, I shouldn’t have to feel that way,” she said.

University police Chief Greg Hestness sent an email crime alert Sunday detailing the incident to University students, faculty and staff, as required by the Jeanne Clery Act.

This is the fourth alert sent for four crimes since January. Last semester, University police sent 16 crime alerts for 22 crimes.

Theft on Northrop Plaza

A group of students was robbed while playing Humans vs. Zombies on Northrop Plaza on Thursday evening.

Neuroscience sophomore Kathryn Luk said she and a group of friends left their things near Northrop Auditorium while they played the campus-wide tag game with about 100 other people.

When the group returned to the plaza about an hour later, their belongings were gone.

Luk’s backpack, which contained her laptop, keys and credit card, was stolen.

In hindsight, Luk said she thinks it was careless to leave her things unattended.

“That was on me,” she said.

Attempted break-in

A man and a woman tried to break into a house in Marcy-Holmes on Friday.

Kinesiology sophomore Julia Schomberg said noises at her window woke her up at about 3 a.m. A man and a woman were trying to enter the house through the window.

Schomberg said she verbally confronted the man, who insisted that it was his house.

The two appeared to be drunk, and Schomberg said she was unsure whether the man genuinely thought it was his house or the two were just looking for a place to hook up.

A few minutes later, Schomberg’s roommate woke up to noises from the two trying to get through her window. The roommate told them to leave again.

Though it was annoying, Schomberg said the pair didn’t seem to have any ill intent.

“They weren’t particularly threatening,” she said.