Judge rejects Dominic Jones’ request to leave state

The former Gopher football player wanted to try out for the NFL.

Former Gophers football player Dominic Jones was denied motions to leave the state and postpone a sex offender assessment and treatment session by a Hennepin County judge Wednesday, Nancy Peters, Hennepin County Court spokesperson, said.

Jones’ wanted to leave the state so he could tryout for the NFL, according to the Star Tribune. After a highly-publicized trial ending last year, Jones was sentenced to one year in the Hennepin County workhouse and a four-year stayed prison sentence for fourth-degree sexual assault. Jones’ attorney, Earl Gray, attempted to postpone the sentence pending an appeal, but was denied. Jones was released early from the workhouse March 2. Gray filed for an appeal soon after Jones was sentenced in June. Arguments for the appeal will begin April 16. In the appeal, Gray will raise up to ten “procedural errors” made during the trial, including that the testimony of Jones’ teammate Alex Daniels âÄî who was present the night the events in question took place âÄî should have been admitted, Gray told the Daily in June.