Taking in Autumn

Tim McDevitt

The calendar denoted the arrival of the Autumnal Equinox last week. Time waits for no one, so the splendor of summer that was 2009 shall fade into history. Memories though, are timeless. In need of solace and a smile, todayâÄôs adventure will ever be at the cusp of my mind. My stroll down a footpath is interrupted when a large maple leaf strikes my chest. âÄúLook at me! Remember this moment!âÄù I image the wing-less sepal whispering as it continues its descent. The leaf settles upon a bed of brightly shaded green grass recently nourished by an early morning rain shower. The University of MinnesotaâÄôs Agricultural CampusâÄô gently sloping terrain populated with huge, mature oak trees, provide a pastoral setting. Slowing my pace to an amble, I take a deep breath of air. A gentle breeze is scented with foliage and overwhelms my consciousness. âÄúSit down, look about you.âÄù The oak trees plead. I do as they request. Seated at first, my eyes and head gaze up, up, and up. Drawn ever further back, eventually I am fully reclined. Peering through overhanging branches, relieved of leaves, a pale blue Minnesota sky beckons. Small, fluffy clouds of mist slowly move across my field of vision, unhurried and white with calmness. Laughter from a distant field populated with Frisbee enthusiasts enhances my sense of tranquility. Nearer, co-eds are playing catch with a football. A sudden jolt in my thoughts, and I remember the date, September 22, the first day of fall. Like the passing clouds, time has passed into a new season, and so must we all. Embracing the inevitable, conjuring up pleasant remembrances of the past, it is a time to move forward. Days such as this, to experience in the future, serve to inspire and create anticipation for what lies ahead. Tim McDevitt University graduate student