Health to you, Bruininks

The Editorial Board wishes President Bob Bruininks well during recovery.

Last week, University of Minnesota President Bob Bruininks announced he would undergo surgery Feb. 1 for stage 1 prostate cancer, which was fortunately caught early and is treatable. The Minnesota Daily Editorial Board would like to take this opportunity to extend our best wishes to Bruininks and his family. The prognosis for quick and full recovery is certainly comforting news, and it is a testament to your dedication that you plan to return to your regular work schedule after only a few weeks of recovery. While it pains the Daily Editorial Board to pass up easy pot shots at the spearhead of an institution as large and inevitably political as the University of Minnesota, more than this, we appreciate the time, energy and passion you bring to your job and have missed your presence at the University this month. WeâÄôll be the first to admit it is fun to aim editorial tuition flak your way, but we know things could be worse and do trust that at the bottom of it all, you have given your best to the University of Minnesota. Besides, we could be in California under Mark Yudof, where tuition is going up 32 percent. All kidding and criticism aside, may peace be with your family, health be with you, clarity and focus be with your doctors and may you find a full, rapid recovery. We hope you come back to lead our great University with renewed body and spirit. Besides, editorializing just isnâÄôt as much fun without you here.