Weather transitions crime outside

by Elizabeth Smith

University of Minnesota police say a change in climate brings a change in types of crime, though the warmer temperatures don’t usually affect the overall number of 
University police deputy chief Chuck Miner said the amount of crime that occurs near campus stays consistent throughout the year, but the types of crime move outdoors during the summer.
“Bike thefts increase in the summer months, and special events at the stadium can bring in a different dynamic,” Miner said. “But that doesn’t always mean more crime.”
On Saturday, a man was arrested for possession of narcotics and burglary tools and for the intent to steal bikes outside the Carlson School of Management,
according to a University police report.
Multiple burglaries occurred near campus over the course of the past week, and Miner said that type of crime tends to remain consistent 
throughout the year.
Xiaosiqi Yang, a computer science graduate student, reported a burglary in his Stadium Village apartment on Sunday.
Yang said he was in another room when he heard someone in his complex making noise.
“I yelled out to them, and maybe my voice scared him or her away,” Yang said.
He believes the suspect entered through his ground-level window. He said from now on, he plans to use a safe to store his valuables.
“I didn’t think Stadium Village would be as bad as Dinkytown when it comes to crime and safety,” Yang said.
Design student Tanner Meyers also had his home burglarized last week. He said no one was home when the incident took place.
According to a Minneapolis police report, the suspect entered through an unlocked door. Meyers said electronics like TVs and laptops were taken from the Dinkytown house.