‘Eagle Cam’ Shows Live Video Feed of a Pair of Eagles in Minnesota

by Meritte Dahl

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is featuring an "eagle cam" on its website showing a pair of American bald eagles nesting in the Twin Cities, according to the Pioneer Press.

Watch the eagles, live, on the "eagle cam."

According to the Star Tribune, the DNR hopes the "eagle cam" will get young people and families excited about the outdoors.

The DNR put the webcam on its website this week and the camera was installed late year, according to the Pioneer Press

The Star Tribune reports the DNR is not disclosing the specific location of the nest, in order to protect the birds from any possible public disturbance.

The "eagle cam" was paid for by the DNR Nongame Wildlife program, which is funded mostly by donations, according to the Star Tribune.

The DNR said there are already three eggs in the nest that are expected to hatch by mid-February, according to the Pioneer Press.

Photo from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.