Dalai Lama visits Mayo Clinic

Molly Novak

The Dalai Lama was a speaker at a panel discussion on the topic of "resilience through mindfulness" in Rochester, Minn. on Tuesday.

The panel was put together by the Mayo Clinic's Mind Body Medicine team, which has developed a practice model for resiliency through meditation and stress management, reported KSTP.

The Dalai Lama sported a maroon and gold visor with the University of Minnesota's M logo during the speech, matching his typical gold and maroon robe, according to the Star Tribune.

He said that having compassion for others is one way to help people build resilience when dealing with health-related and other problems, reported the Star Tribune.

The Dalai Lama has made visits to the Mayo Clinic for health checkups a few times in the past years. His last visit to the clinic was in May. During that visit he addressed hundreds at Mariucci Arena about personal and societal healing.