Trash heaps pile up in Dinkytown

by Ashley Goetz

As University of Minnesota students move into their new Dinkytown homes at the beginning of the school year, it’s not uncommon to see a mountain range of old trashed items spring up along the curbs, according to a Star Tribune article.  

This year, the waste grew so unchecked that it prompted resident Sonny Schneiderhan to document the mayhem with photos.

“It’s worse this year,” she told the Tribune.

The mounds of boxes, broken furniture and trash-filled bags in Schneiderhan’s photos stand next to overflowing garbage cans meant for weekly trash service.

Dumping this amount of debris near the curb contradicts solid waste regulations. According to the Minneapolis Solid Waste and Recycling website, no more than two large items that can be collected per garbage or recycling week. Additionally, these items are supposed to be marked as being “for solid waste” through a sign or a written message on the items.

A city spokesman told the Tribune the city had crews searching the Dinkytown area for extra waste since Aug. 27, but that the three-day Labor Day weekend may have slowed collection efforts. The crews will continue to work until Saturday.

The city sent a letter to property owners in the area August 20, asking that they reduce the amount of extra trash during move in by donating usable items to charities, retrieving vouchers for free disposal of large amounts of garbage and by hiring city crews for $181/hour.