UDS investigation

Former University Dining Service and Aramark employees told The Minnesota Daily in TuesdayâÄôs investigation that UDS tampers with payroll records and mistreats employees. While University spokesperson Dan Wolter said there is a grievance process through the Teamsters Union âÄî which UDS employees belong to– the University, which is coming off a labor strike last year, should investigate the allegations if for no other reason than to shore up relations between management and staff at UDS. The investigation indeed had substantial evidence of wrongful and potentially unlawful actions on behalf of UDS management. Former UDS employee Daniel Revsbeck told Daily reporter Andy Mannix that UDS staff was skimming money off his paycheck in 2006. Revsbeck said he began recording his hours and when discrepancies came up he chose to confront management himself. That should not be the case. But thereâÄôs more. Current and former UDS employees spoke of a hostile work environment in which management targets âÄútrouble,âÄù employees while not attending to the injured ones. That a hostile work environment exists portends a poor motivation for work and possibly strikes. The University would be hard pressed to pressure Aramark âÄî the 19th largest employer on Fortune 500âÄôs listâÄî because the Philadelphia-based company helped the University get its food service budget out of the red in 1998. But in the process UDSâÄô turnover rate tripled last year and prices on food increased. Regardless of whether the investigation shined light onto âÄî potentially illegal âÄî mistreatment and manipulation the University should be active with its employee relations investigating these public allegations.