Support Abeer and Sam this week

A recent letter to the editor painted an anything-but-rosy picture of the current state of leadership in the Minnesota Student Association. While MSA presidential candidate Cam Holl’s letter certainly brings up some valuable points, I’d like to express a different view from someone who’s outside of the MSA leadership structure.
The letter alleges that MSA’s leadership has diminished the opportunities for students outside of leadership to drive positive change at the University. 
As a student outside of MSA leadership myself (in fact, I hold the same position as Mr. Holl, College of Liberal Arts Student Senator), I feel I must correct the record. 
I myself have had the opportunity to work on myriad issues this year, including medical amnesty enforcement in the residence halls and off-campus housing resources (keep an eye out for a survey coming your way soon).
While it may not have been easy for Mr. Holl to work with MSA leadership after last year’s election, it is the responsibility of our elected leaders to swallow their pride and do the work they are elected to do. Student senators have every opportunity to engage in such work, regardless of who is in charge of MSA.
Abeer Syedah and Sam Marlow have been fighting for students for years, and not just when it is convenient. That’s why I am supporting them this week for MSA president and vice president.
Henry Zurn
University student