Community Fund Drive success

Kristine Volovsek

I am extremely disappointed by the article about the Community Fund Drive. The tone seemed completely negative, and I feel it put the Drive in a bad light. First of all, people are able to donate to any 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization âÄî we are not limited to the federations. The drive always gets the most donations in its last week. We are actually ahead of where we were last year âÄî nowhere is that mentioned in the article. With over a week left in the fund drive, why would we have to have reached our goal already? Contrary to what was portrayed in the article, as a lead Community Fund Drive volunteer for the College of Continuing Education, I have actually noticed greater compassion and more of a likelihood of donations than in previous years simply because people are empathetic during tough times. Those of us still with jobs are not taking this for granted and are willing to help those in need. Kristine Volovsek University undergraduate student and staff