Canadian provincial leader apologizes for Taser death

>TORONTO (AP) – British Columbia’s provincial leader apologized to the mother of a Polish immigrant who died after being shocked by a Taser stun gun at Vancouver’s airport, and the province Monday launched an investigation.

British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell said he wanted to “apologize for what took place. That was something that was devastating to her in more ways than I can even begin to imagine.”

Video released last week of the last moments of Robert Dziekanski’s life shows police using a Taser stun gun on him just 46 seconds after confronting him.

British Columbia Solicitor General John Les said the inquiry will also look at the policy governing the use of Taser stun guns by police in the western Canadian province.

A coroner’s inquest has already been called, and police have opened their own investigation. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have also said they are reviewing Taser use.

Eighteen people have died in Canada after being hit with a Taser in the last four years.