Culture Compass — John Hodgman, Ant-Civ Showcase and Ramblin’ Jack Elliott

A&E plans your weekend. You’re welcome.

by Raghav Mehta

Thursday Music Kaiser Cartel This Brooklyn-based pop duo used to be elementary school teachers. And itâÄôs not all that surprising considering their reputation for garish and cutesy live shows that go so far as to include stuffed animals (seriously). Cedar Cultural Center 416 Cedar Ave. S. 7 p.m $12/$15 Music Jim Jefferies at Acme Comedy From getting socked in the head at a show to freely doling out jokes about rape and incest, Jim Jefferies is kind of like David CrossâÄôs long-lost English brother. Q magazine dubbed him âÄúBritainâÄôs most offensive stand-up comicâÄù âÄî hereâÄôs your opportunity to decide for yourself. Acme Comedy 1308 4th St. S.E. 9 p.m $20/$22 Friday Comedy âÄî John Hodgman at the Fitzgerald YouâÄôve seen him as the beloved news correspondent on the Daily Show. And youâÄôve certainly seen him as the awkward pseudo-Microsoft rep. in Apple commercials. But now youâÄôll have a chance to see him up close at the Fitzgerald Theater. ItâÄôs sure to be whacky. Fitzgerald Theater 10 Exchange St. E. 8 p.m $25 Music Music Anti-Civ records showcase While they might not carry any huge names, Anti-Civ records enlists some of MinneapolisâÄô most promising bands. TheyâÄôll be touting some of their labels talent with a showcase at Memory Lanes. Memory Lanes 2520 26th Ave. S. 10 p.m Free Saturday Film âÄî âÄúThe RoomâÄù at Uptown Theater Tommy WiseauâÄôs âÄúThe RoomâÄù is quite possibly the best worst movie ever made. Regardless, this surreal cult comedy is so shamelessly and hilariously awful that you really canâÄôt turn away. Uptown Theater 2906 Hennepin Ave. 11:45 p.m Music RamblinâÄô Jack Elliott Very rarely will you get to see a musician of such high caliber in as intimate of a setting as this. Be sure to check out Cedar Cultural Center 416 Cedar Ave. S. 8 p.m $30 Click this : ItâÄôs rumored A&E reporter Tony Libera watches this video every ten minutes or so. Why? Because itâÄôs quite possibly the greatest thing ever. ThatâÄôs why. Watch this : The World Cup- For those of you whoâÄôve been living under a rock the past few weeks, the biggest, most celebrated sporting event on television is in full swing. So hurry up and get your head in the game, chaps. Read this : Anthony BourdaineâÄôs âÄúMedium RawâÄùâÄî like Anthony BourdaineâÄôs show? Well here he is in book form, again. (without all the stupid jokes). Drink this : SauceâÄôs Happy Hour âÄî summer is a time for rest, relaxation and well, spending exorbitant amounts of cash. But luckily UptownâÄôs hipsteriffic Sauce Spirits and Soundbar has a pretty generous happy hour for you poverty-stricken Minneapolitans. (Daily: 4-7 p.m/ Thu-Sun: 10-12 p.m) Listen to this : Ratatat LP4 âÄî back with crisper production and more infectious grooves, RatatatâÄôs new album hits all the right notes.