Administrators and regents outline possible tuition hike for UMN students

Under a preliminary budget, tuition rates would increase two percent for residents and 10 percent for non-resident, non-reciprocity students on the Twin Cities campus.

Kevin Beckman

University of Minnesota administrators and Regents mulled tuition hikes Friday.

At the Board of Regents meeting on the Duluth campus, the University outlined preliminary tuition increases for Twin Cities campus students. Rates would remain the same for resident students across the system’s other four campuses.

For resident students, tuition would increase two percent, under the University’s budget framework presented Friday. Non-resident, non-reciprocity students would pay $2,221 — or 10 percent — more next year.

Regents say they want to move non-resident tuition to the middle of the Big Ten schools. With the proposed increase, the University would have the 13th lowest tuition out of 14 schools in the conference.

University administrators have said that tuition rates are tied to the state’s appropriation to the school.

Regents will vote on a finalized budget, which would include any tuition hikes, in June.