Clashes and rival demonstrations leave at least 28 dead in Egypt

by Hailey Colwell


At least 28 people have been killed and dozens have been injured in Egypt Sunday after clashes between security forces and supporters of the ousted President Mohamed Morsi, news sources reported.


More than 200 Muslim Brotherhood members were arrested in Cario, where 26 deaths were reported, BBC News reported. 


The violence took place as rival crowds flooded the streets across Egypt as a holiday saluting the anniversary of the country's last war with Israel turned into a clash between its two rival groups, the New York Times reported.


Morsi supporters and military proponents fought for several hours in Cairo streets that now look like combat zones, the New York Times reported. 


Hundreds had gathered in Cario's Tahrir Square to commemorate the military anniversary with a large government display of military hardware, while Morsi backers said they would use the event to criticize what they say was a military coup in July, BBC News reported.