Women’s collective plans week of music-related events

by Patricia Drey

The Women’s Student Activist Collective plans to provide students the chance to celebrate and explore music that promotes social justice.

“Music is important to most people in an everyday way,” collective staff member Alison Crossley said. “It’s important to look at it as, ‘How does it affect us?’ “

The collective will sponsor a series of music-centered events this week, including concerts, films and a how-to lecture.

The week will start today with a lunchtime showing of an independent film on women making music ‘zines, a handmade alternative magazine. If the film inspires people to create their own ‘zines, the group will provide a how-to pamphlet and supplies, Crossley said.

Students who want to start their own bands can get tips Wednesday from members of the local band Eufio.

“Being in a band and trying to get gigs and stuff can be very intimidating,” Crossley said. “If you’re not involved in the music scene already, it can be kind of scary.”

The group’s largest and most widely advertised event will be a Thursday concert, Crossley said. It will feature five bands playing folk, pop rock and punk rock music.

“We wanted a diversity of bands, and we wanted a diversity of sounds,” Crossley said. “We hope that people that come to the concert maybe to hear one band may hear a band they wouldn’t have heard otherwise.”