Ward 3 Editorial endorsement

Newcomer Jacob Frey shows great potential in running Ward 3.

As the Minnesota Daily Editorial Board announced in April, Jacob Frey is the best candidate for the Minneapolis City Council from Ward 3. His smart leadership will help the University area in facing new development, student issues and community needs.

Ward 3 contains Marcy-Holmes, Northeast and other parts of downtown Minneapolis.

Frey is friendly toward more sustainable development in Ward 3. Dinkytown cannot afford to deny smart development that adds to the University of Minnesota area, as incumbent council member Diane Hofstede’s proposed moratorium in Dinkytown’s business district may have.

Though Frey lacks Hofstede’s long relationship with the University of Minnesota, he understands his student constituency’s problems. Frey plans to help students bridge the gap between graduation and the workforce through a new jobs program that would subsidize the income of University graduates as they look for work. Frey would also focus on outreach that works to specifically impact students.

Frey plans to simplify city procedures, such as attaining licenses, to be more “process-oriented.” It’s this effective leadership that shows Frey’s potential for success in Ward 3. Accusations of ineffective leadership and a lack of responsiveness to constituents have followed Hofstede throughout her eight years on the City Council. Despite a lack of political experience, Frey has organized for diverse causes, including the Big Gay Race and outreach to Somali women.

This election brought plenty of newcomers, and Frey is no exception. With a new mayor, Minneapolis faces the potential to become a true 21st century city. This requires a leader who must respond to community needs and support smart public policy. We suggest readers rank Frey as their No. 1 choice Tuesday.