St. Cloud student stabbed multiple times

Also, a University Athletics golf cart was hot wired and left on train tracks.

Katherine Lymn

An 18-year-old St. Cloud State student was stabbed âÄúfour to five timesâÄù in the back and arm in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood early Monday morning, according to police.
The case is under investigation, but Minneapolis police Sgt. Bill Palmer said the victim, Tyler Hanratty, was not âÄúterribly cooperativeâÄù at the scene, which is hindering the search for suspects.
Hanratty said he had been drinking at Territorial Hall earlier that night and was âÄúwhacked out,âÄù so he doesnâÄôt remember exactly what led up to the stabbing.
âÄúI actually provoked it,âÄù he said. âÄúI was in an altercation with âĦ a group of gentlemenâÄù and âÄúpunched in a window,âÄù lacerating his elbow.
After that, Hanratty was walking away when he was attacked, he said.
âÄúEssentially I got jumped,âÄù he said. âÄú[At] this point I wandered around not knowing what was going on until a girl found me.âÄù
That woman, 20-year-old University of Minnesota student Lindsey Trader, said she originally thought the blood on Hanratty was a Halloween costume. He was âÄúpretty gone,âÄù she said, adding he kept down playing his injuries.
Trader took him to DuffyâÄôs Dinkytown Pizza at Fifth Street and 13th Avenue Southeast for help.
The victim was drunk and originally told officers âÄúhe had just fallen down,âÄù Palmer said.
Paramedics at the scene confirmed the victim was indeed stabbed, and he was taken Hennepin County Medical Center for treatment.
Fights break out
Multiple fights led to both the arrest of a University student and the assault of a University police officer.
When two UMPD officers heard yelling, they âÄúlooked in the direction âĦ in time to seeâÄù an unidentified man punch another man in the face at 15th Avenue and Fourth Street Southeast late Friday night.
When one officer held onto one of the men âÄúin an arm bar,âÄù the second man hit the detained man in return and then hit the officer, Todd Haugaard, in the neck âÄúwith a glancing blow,âÄù according to a police report.
The man who threw the first punch ran off and was not found, but the second man, 21, was cited for disorderly conduct but not taken to jail.
University police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner said Haugaard was not injured from the hit.
On Saturday, at least two fights broke out among a group of people at 11th Avenue and Fifth Street Southeast, Palmer said.
One man was âÄúobserved by an officer punching the guy in the headâÄù and was later arrested, Palmer said, adding it sounds like âÄúa bunch of people were going at itâÄù before that arrest.
Two underage University students were transported to a detox facility Friday night as well.
Miner said UMPD implemented Enhanced Police Coverage, informally known as party patrol, around campus Friday and Saturday nights.
He said there were 10 more calls made to UMPD related to assaults, alcohol, fights and noise complaints over Halloween than there were the previous weekend.
But while this yearâÄôs Halloween weekend saw 43 of the calls, it was a decrease from the same weekend last year, when UMPD got 49.
In separate incidents, police cited revelers dressed as a cloud, a lumber jack and a baked potato for drinking in public over the weekend.
University professor uses dead relativeâÄôs parking pass
A University of Minnesota dentistry professor was cited for using his dead mother-in-lawâÄôs handicap permit to park at an expired meter last week.
Nelson Rhodus, 57, told police his wife was using the permit to take her mother to an appointment on campus.
Later, when police saw that Rhodus was using the car alone, they confronted him a second time according to a police report. He confessed he used the permit because he was âÄúrunning lateâÄù for his own appointment after police told him they knew the permit-holder had died two years ago.
Golf cart on the wrong track
University Athletics lost a golf cart Saturday night when an unknown suspects stole it from outside TCF Bank Stadium. After taking the cart during the nighttime football game, the suspects left it on the railroad tracks behind Bierman Field Atheltic Building âÄúintentionally for a train to crush it or something,âÄù said Garry Bowman, spokesman for University Athletics.
The cart was âÄúapparently âĦ hotwired,âÄù he said. It was found by train company employees and is currently being âÄúcleaned upâÄù to get ready for use again, Bowman said. The cart was taken from outside the stadiumâÄôs Recruiting Room, which faces University Avenue Southeast.
This is the first time Bowman can remember a cart being stolen, he said.
Miner said itâÄôs unlikely UMPD will find the suspects.