What’s Henry Rollins up to these days?

by Grant Tillery

Though Black Flag is making a stop at the Triple Rock this Sunday, the band just isn’t the same without Henry Rollins.  From 1981 to 1986, Rollins fronted Black Flag, and was the group’s heart, soul and jagged edge until they imploded.  The absence of Rollins’ gusto, antics and activism make the band’s current incarnation seem like they’re trying to relive their glory days, instead of taking punk into the 21st century.

So what is Rollins up to these days?  Among other things, he hosts a killer radio show on KCRW, based out of Santa Monica, Calif., that digs deep into his treasure trove of a record collection.  Rollins’ taste are not limited to punk, and he’s just as likely to spin a rare Duke Ellington, Eddie Kendricks or Lee “Scratch” Perry cut as he is classic Stooges or Crystal Castles; he’s also a champion of young bands, especially under-the-radar groups out of Los Angeles.  With 271 shows to date, one will certainly pique your fancy, and the episodes serve as the perfect soundtrack for anything from pre-gaming to making breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning or lounging at the beach on a hot afternoon.