Single-issue voting

Single-issue voting, although widely used, will be detrimental to this countryâÄôs progression into the future. âÄúObama may violate free speech, if elected,âÄù is a perfect example of this type of behavior. Obama understands that we live in a democracy, which is why he wants to offer all families and women a choice in their futures. Either way you swing, both candidates try to find a balance in legislation based on their values and morals, and this is a great display of democracy in action. To say McCain âÄúloves this countryâÄù but Obama does not immediately destroys credibility and demonstrates immaturity in the writer. McCain and Obama both love this country, and that is why theyâÄôre running for president. Whether you support the choice to abort a pregnancy, your vote should not completely depend on this type of commentary. Educate yourself and make an informed decision, instead of taking a highly personal issue to the polls alone. Caitlin Butler University student