Bound to Dinkytown

University students don’t take advantage of the Twin Cities.

Meghan O'Connor



As students at the University of Minnesota, we have the privilege and the freedom to explore all that Minneapolis and St. Paul have to offer. Yet, it seems to me that most students spend the majority of their time in Dinkytown — ball and chain, anyone?

Most people that I have talked to say that they came to this school primarily because of its location. So, why aren’t more people using it? If you just wanted a nice view of the skyline on your walk to class, then disregard the rest of this column, but if you came here to experience city life, you aren’t going to get it nestled in Dinkytown all day.

So, here’s my plea: Try something new. Take advantage of these two great cities. If you are a senior and still haven’t been to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden to take a picture with “Spoonbridge and Cherry,” you are seriously missing out. If nothing else, it would make a really sweet cover photo for your Facebook wall.

Getting tipsy with your friends in Como and washing down the booze with a slice of Mesa may be a great way to spend your weekend, just not every weekend.

I won’t claim to be a tour guide for the Twin Cities, but I’m definitely no stranger to hopping on a bus to Uptown to try a new restaurant or hitting up a concert downtown.

You would be surprised how much is going on each and every week, and not all of it will burn your wallet out either. The Minneapolis Convention Center has put together a comprehensive list of “150 things to do in Minneapolis” ranging through all seasons. That should at least get you started.

Next week is spring break, so if you’re spending your break around campus, get out there and branch out. Check out the newly renovated Uptown Theatre or analyze interesting art at the Walker Art Center. Whatever it is, get out of Dinkytown!