Kahn defeats Hovde in district 59B

Phyllis Kahn, the incumbent state representative for district 59B, beat University of Minnesota student Ole Hovde 66.99 percent to 24.8 percent with all of the precincts reporting. Hovde conceded Kahn the victory Tuesday when seven of the 13 district polls had reported 6,108 votes for Kahn and 1,738 for Hovde. Independence PartyâÄôs Ron Lischeid came in third with 7.8 percent of the total vote. Kahn, who has served 18 terms in the state Legislature, said she wasnâÄôt surprised at the outcome because the 59B district is âÄúvery liberal.âÄù âÄúI think itâÄôs been very consistent over the years,âÄù Kahn said. Hovde said he wasnâÄôt upset by his loss. âÄúItâÄôs hard to run against a 36-year incumbent,âÄù Hovde said. Most people, he said, would vote âÄústraight ticket DemocratâÄù because of the halo effect surrounding Presidential-Elect Barack ObamaâÄôs campaign. Both Kahn and Hovde thanked the University community for its support and what they considered to be an unprecedented get-out-the-vote push from students. âÄúI am extremely grateful for how welcoming students were,âÄù Hovde said. âÄúWhether they voted for me or not students showed me a lot of support.âÄù âÄúWhatâÄôs so exciting about this race is the incredible participation of students,âÄù Khan said.