Heat of the week: Fly Chix, family drama and the New 1017

Need some pop culture inspiration for your week? Keep your finger on the pulse of all things A&E with this week’s heat.

Alex Strangman

Whether you’re back at your parent’s house or stuck on campus with nothing to do, A&E has you covered with some fire pop-culture recommendations to heat things up as we head into December.

Something to watch:

“Uncle Frank” (Prime): A brand new Amazon original movie, “Uncle Frank” follows Frank Bledsoe and his 18-year-old niece Beth as they trek from New York City to Creekville, South Carolina for Frank’s father’s funeral. Set in 1973, the film centers around family drama as Frank returns home to a family who doesn’t know he’s gay, with his partner of ten years in tow. Judy Greer, Paul Bettany and everyone’s favorite character actress Margo Martindale come together to create an honest film about familial love triumphing against deep-rooted, old-school values.

Run (Hulu): New this week to Hulu, “Run” features Sarah Paulson as Diane, an overly caring mother to Chloe, her chronically ill daughter. Diane controls every aspect of Chloe’s life, from homeschooling her to making sure she takes all her medication. As Chloe reaches her late teens, she begins to yearn for more. Much to her mother’s chagrin, she wishes to attend the University of Washington, a short four-hour drive from her hometown. Through a series of ever intensifying twists and turns, their once sweet mother-daughter relationship begins to sour.

Something to tap your foot to:

”Gutta Baby” by Foogiano: People were skeptical when Gucci Mane announced his roster for the New 1017. With the old 1017 Brick Squad featuring heavy hitters like OJ Da Juiceman and Waka Flocka Flame, this group of young, new artists had big shoes to fill. And on his debut solo project, “Gutta Baby,” Foogiano proves all the haters wrong.

While the 17-track album features a couple solid verses from rap’s biggest infants, Lil Baby and DaBaby, it’s Foogiano and his 1017 labelmate Pooh Shiesty that steal all the shine with songs like “Menace (Remix)” and “First Day in LA.” If the next project from the New 1017 is anywhere as good as this, it’s safe to say there’s a new Brick Squad in town.

“Plastic Hearts” by Miley Cyrus: She’s done country. She’s done pop. But on her seventh studio album, “Plastic Hearts,” Miley Cyrus comes into her own as a rockstar. With a bit of a rasp in her voice, Cyrus channels her inner Patti Smith on the song “Bad Karma” featuring fellow female rocker Joan Jett. The album also features songs like “Golden G String,” a modern power ballad that would bring a tear to the eyes of ‘80s hair bands everywhere.

Something to try:

Fly Chix: Moving into SotaRol’s old location in September, new fried chicken joint Fly Chix brings a new take on traditional, hand-breaded chicken to Stadium Village. You can’t go wrong with their original Fly Chix meal, but if you’re looking for a little spice in your life, their Tennessee Style sandwich comes in a variety of heats from mild to “Hella Hot.” Open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.