Local nonprofit Wildflyer Coffee releases spring seasonal drinks

Get your warm-weather caffeine fix and support local youth experiencing homelessness with Wildflyer’s herbal teas, botanical tonics and floral lattes.


Image by Emily Pofahl

Wildflyer’s “Paint Me Like One of Your French Girls” Latte on Tuesday, March 2. The latte is part of Wildflyer’s Spring Seasonal Menu.

by Grace Davis

With classes in full swing and midterm season starting to set in, we’re all looking for a reliable caffeine source to get us through it all. No matter the craving, Wildflyer Coffee’s new spring seasonal beverage and specialty food menu has something for you.

With festivities from Feb. 6 to 12 to celebrate the grand opening of the shop on East 33rd Street and Minnehaha Avenue, Wildflyer is open and ready for business. A nonprofit organization dedicated to creating job opportunities for Minneapolis youth experiencing homelessness, Wildflyer’s mission embodies compassionate service, building community and providing the tools for cultivating skills needed for youth to “spread their wings.”

It’s more than a fantastic mission, though. Wildflyer has some delicious, locally sourced drinks from renowned Minneapolis-based roasters Peace Coffee.

Along with a specialty drink menu, Wildflyer has a food menu ranging from sweet and savory specialty toasts to hearty oatmeals and a light yet sweet yogurt parfait.

Shift manager Jordan Hanson had a lot to recommend when it came to fan favorites for the food menu, saying, “The hummus and kimchi toast is so good, but it still needs more hype for sure.”

If you’re looking for lighter options, Wildflyer also has a dangerously good-looking display case, full of mouth-watering homemade pastries and sweets, including banana bread and mint chocolate chip cookies made in house, along with select baked goodies from St. Louis Park’s Honey & Rye. Hanson recommends the savory scone.

“The savory scone made with goat cheese and herb is really good too. And even though we have it now, it’s almost always gone before 11 every day. It’s a really popular one,” Hanson said.

Nathan Crymble, cafe manager, explained the name origins behind the new spring menu drinks.

“Everything here is based on relationships,” he said.

The Brekele Latte is named after a donor and made with blueberry syrup. It tastes fruity, sweet, has a maple tone and “drinks like a pancake.” This latte is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth who woke up a little too late to grab breakfast.

Executive director and founder of Wildflyer, Carley Kammerer, suggests trying any and all of the spring seasonal lattes made with unique syrups, like maple, blueberry and rose cardamom. “They’re all made in house, and I honestly just think they’re more delicious that way,” Kammerer said.

An employee named another one of the four new featured drinks, titled “Radical Botanical Iced Herbal Tonic.” It’s a mouthful to say but nonetheless extremely worth it once you try this refreshing herbal tea. The iced tea drink is a cold-brewed Sacred Blossom Angel tea topped with lemon sparkling water and a fresh lemon slice.

“Paint Me Like One of Your French Girls” deserves an honorable mention, as well. The latte encapsulates bold flavors of rose cardamom syrup with a juxtaposed floral freshness.

With good coffee and a good cause, Wildflyer makes it easy to support the community and your caffeine craving.