Episode 87: End of Season Farewell

by Megan Palmer


MEGAN PALMER: Hello everyone, and welcome back to In The Know, a podcast by the Minnesota Daily. I’m Megan Palmer and I’m the producer for the show. I wanted to let you all know that we will be ending this season without any new episodes to share. This semester has been tough on everyone, and especially so on those of us who live in the Twin Cities. As we enter into the summer, I hope you are able to find comfort, relaxation and community as you enjoy the wonderful weather. We are planning to start the next season of In The Know this summer. Until then, be well, and thank you.


PALMER: In other U news: the U of M’s mock trial team placed 15th in the country at the national competition on April 18th; a new task force created by graduate students will address abusive faculty behavior; and MSA has called for the resignation of UMPD Chief Matthew Clark. We’ll see you next month.