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Boru: It is important to establish a routine in our twenties

We need to look inward and define who we are ourselves.

The best advice someone gave me about my twenties is to be patient with myself. I cannot stress enough how crucial that statement is. We are in a world of increased stimulants and social pressure. A world in which we have to prove our worth somehow. Pleasing others is a vague and difficult task, but we tend to seek the approval of others in most things we do – whether that be grades, a sparkling career plan, or our hobbies

I am tired of living for others just to get a ‘head-nod’ from someone telling me I did a good job. I feel stuck. I keep thinking about what I should do to make someone else happy. I am attached to those around me. It feels like everything I do almost always somehow has to involve someone else.

This attachment comes with a cost: life is fleeting, yet my progress in life is stagnant. I think it is time I do what works for me within the confines of my faith and values.

I realized that people will always have opinions on what I do, for better or for worse. I decided to work toward my goals without paying attention to what other people think. I do take advice when given and analyze when criticized, but the opinions of others no longer hold water. Since then, my viewpoint in life has shifted for the better: I have read more books than I ever have before. I have also spent more time in self-reflection. Living for myself has allowed me to have more control over my time, especially now that it’s not tied to the approval of others.

Living to better myself also opened my eyes to how important it is for twenty-year-olds to establish consistent routines. When my life wasn’t governed by others, it became governed by me. What next?

Once college graduates head off to their post-college lives, we transition into a different life with different demands. Canvas and course deadlines are no longer a priority. We have to set new deadlines for ourselves.

It is easy to get lost in the mundane 9-to-5 days of work and look forward to weekends just to binge-watch Netflix and restart the same routine the next week.

If we don’t start putting value into what we do and start thinking about things we want to accomplish in life, life can feel less fulfilling. Time only moves forward – no one can simply turn back the clock and redo every single mistake.

My advice for college graduates? Start writing down what you want out of life now that you have graduated. What are your short-term and long-term goals? What do you want to accomplish in the coming five years? What vehicles do you have to get you there? Maintaining our mental and physical health should be at the top of our priority.

It is normal to explore life in our twenties. What better way to learn the ways of life than through trial and error? Don’t be afraid to take risks and get out of your comfort zone.

Above all else, however, it is important to have a routine – something you can look forward to every day. Make a habit of daily activities that fulfill you.

I searched online to see what advice I would get about the twenties and almost every website has numbered habits graduates should start implementing into their lives. The lists go on and on, but what they don’t take into consideration is that every individual’s post-college journey is different. Start slow and find a routine you like. Keep track of what works and what you need to change. Don’t reprimand yourself when you make a mistake. It is a learning opportunity. Try again and do better next time.

Take one step at a time and remember: the most important thing is to have consistency in the small acts we do every day. We then build on that as we become more disciplined.

Remember, this is our time to shine and leave a footprint in history. It is now that we have the best of everything including health and free time. Once this time passes and old age sets in, our bodies and brains won’t be able to handle as much so let’s start slow and build up that impenetrable character, discipline, and consistency in all we do.

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