6 reasons why you should vote

The midterm elections are Tuesday with important seats like governor up for election this year.


Image by Sarah Mai

by Amina Hasan

Voting is perhaps one of the crucial parts of participating in our democracy. Yet, some people seem to ignore its importance by simply not turning out to vote. “Why should I vote?” perhaps one would ask oneself, especially if they have to work that day. Here are the reasons why you should, or in fact, must vote:

  • Voting is your first and simple step to contributing something to your country’s well-being. By well-being, I mean that, as a citizen, you would be able to either better or worsen the current situation by simply voting.
  • You might think it’s hyperbole when people keep saying the future depends on your vote, and I don’t blame anyone for thinking so, but you should remember the ballot is what determines the next several years of what things will be like in this country, which is to say the election will impact your life whether you vote or not.
  • Think about those who can’t vote, either because they are too young or they’re not citizens, and imagine being the person who could improve their lives by turning out to vote.
  • Imagine that some people could lose their rights because you decided not to vote.
  • Do you want everyone to have and retain their rights on this land? If yes, then you must vote.
  • The United States is calling for your vote, and you should answer this call.

Remember, at the end of the day, those who vote make the change, and they trace the map of the upcoming years, so you should be a part of this tracing.


Amina is a freshman at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.