Letter to the Editor: Demanding crisis pregnancy centers close is not pro-woman

Centers provide support to pregnant women who choose to not have an abortion.

by Mary Hernandez

I admit that what I’m about to say is considered odd, but it really isn’t: I’m a woman of color studying at the University of Minnesota, and I’m pro-life.

I know it’s tantamount to liberal education blasphemy to say that well-educated, intelligent, diverse people can be opposed to abortion, but many of us are. I thus read the recent Minnesota Daily article published on Nov. 18 about Student for a Democratic Society’s protest at First Care Pregnancy Center in disbelief — crisis pregnancy centers like First Care exist to support women. Protesters derided crisis pregnancy centers as places that want “to turn patients away from abortion,” but how does that upset anyone? Even if you support abortion, how can someone who is making the choice — the action pro-abortion activists claim as their fundamental value — not to get an abortion based on the factual information crisis pregnancy centers provide anger you?

Women in unplanned pregnancies are often desperate and scared, uncertain of how they could provide for a child under their circumstances, and the abortion industry takes advantage of that by claiming getting rid of their unborn baby is the solution. Crisis pregnancy centers offer women support and validation during a time of uncertainty, listening to their fears and giving them the tools they need to make an informed decision. Many donate baby clothes, bottles, diapers and other pregnancy essentials to the women who stop by. Crisis pregnancy centers provide women with another way to respond to an unplanned pregnancy; they offer them a choice that doesn’t involve the trauma of abortion.

The fact that students claiming to fight for the oppressed would protest a center that provides hope and security to some of the most vulnerable members of our society baffles me. Even more astonishing was that a student at the protest accused the government of “want[ing] to control women’s bodies” but saw no irony in protesting the mere existence of a center that offers women the ability to control their bodies by showing them options other than abortion.

Women deserve support in making the decision to cherish the life of their unborn baby despite whatever circumstances they may be facing. Those who protest groups offering that support are anti-woman, regardless of their claim to defend us.