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Published June 23, 2024

UMN-based band Dial Tone releases debut album Friday

Dial Tone talks songwriting, balancing student life and the DIY music scene of the Twin Cities before their album release show on Friday.
Image by Dial Tone (courtesy)
The band is made up of three honors students.

In a college house near the East Bank campus of the University of Minnesota, there is a spacious walk-in closet where the band Dial Tone recorded their self-titled debut album.

Dial Tone consists of three honors students at the University: Henning Hanson (drums), Cole Pivec (guitar and vocals) and Daisy Forester (lead vocals and bass). Their sound bounces around between pop-punk and harder alternative rock and their first full-length album, “Dial Tone,” will be released on Friday, Nov. 17.

After two singles, “Codependency” and “Say It Like You Mean It,” the band will be releasing their self-titled album on Friday. To celebrate the release of their first album, the band will be performing at the Cedar Cultural Center with fellow local bands Creeping Charlie and Daphne Jane.

The Minnesota Daily had the opportunity to speak with the band about their debut album. The interview took place in Hanson’s bedroom, where the band recorded the majority of the album.

Throughout the interview, the comradery between the band members was palpable in the room. The chemistry between the members made more sense after learning that before the band created their triumphant debut album, they all just loved hanging out with each other.

“So we were all friends for a year before we started playing together. And I think that’s why it was easy for us to play together because we already knew each other pretty well. I didn’t know that Cole was such a fantastic guitar player,” Hanson said.

Pivec and Forester met in high school when they both attended Southwest High School in South Minneapolis. Later when the trio were freshmen at the University, Hanson joined their friend group.

Each member of the band took a different path to their current musical endeavors. Forester started writing songs as a kid and learned how to play bass after being classically trained on the cello. Pivec played classical jazz guitar for years in his youth before joining a cover band in high school, and Hanson played jazz and orchestral percussion before getting a drum set in high school.

The three members of Dial Tone are somehow all third-year honors students at the University too. When asked how they balance their time between school and their art, the band laughed in unison.

“I mean, we’re full-time honors students at University and it tacks on a lot, especially during this recording process of learning. Where we were just kind of really taking our training wheels off (as a band). It takes a lot of intention. And I think that’s something that we try to focus on a lot as a band and like making sure that when we spend our time together or apart, we spend it smart,” Pivec said.

While they self-produced and recorded their album, all three of the band members were balancing school responsibilities and student life. Yet without a doubt, when the band talks about the music they created together, their faces light up with joy.

“I am really glad that this whole album exists as a time capsule because so much growth has happened in this past year,” Forester said.

Forester continued by talking about her favorites off the new album and the evolution of the songs from their initial creation to their current versions.

“‘No Foul’ is kind of my angry feminist anthem. It specifically deals with the struggles I have had in the music industry, even when I was 14, dealing with creepy booking agents. It is super cathartic to play,” Forester said. “Another one of my favorites is ‘Ferris Bueller.’ That’s a song I wrote a long time ago. It took a completely different form though with the help of these guys. It’s fun for me to play and listen to because it’s a little bit of a letter to my younger self.”

The band used their musical training and life experiences to inform their songwriting process. The personal details and influences included in the songs contribute to the authenticity of Dial Tone’s music.

Even when describing the grueling process of self-producing and self-recording their album in Henning’s closet, also known as “the box,” the band can’t help but smile at the fact that they got to make music together in a safe space.

“It would be in and out daily from noon to midnight. It was unreal. But it was great that we could do it here and not somewhere that doesn’t have a kitchen. Because I get hungry all the time,” Pivec said.

Dial Tone’s next live show will be Dec. 1 at the Fine Line in support of the bands Vial and JER. When asked about how they felt about the local music scene, the band agreed they all love it and are honored to be a part of it.

“Going to a show for some like group is just so much fun. I think that’s like what’s really cool about [the scene] is how much DIY stuff there is. And I don’t think that’s in as many places as Minneapolis [elsewhere], especially in Como and around the University,” Hanson said.

After promoting their new album, the band plans to take a semester off. After the intensity of recording and releasing their album, they all agreed they were ready for a slight break. However, Dial Tone insisted that this album is only the beginning for the band as they are constantly writing new music.

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