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Study shows BMI may be off balance

Hannah Weikel
February 17, 2016

A person’s weight and height may not be an accurate measure of their health status, according to a recent study.     Body mass index, widely used among health professionals for calculating...

Rumors circulate of Klobuchar Supreme Court nomination

Brian Edwards
February 16, 2016

Amid speculation over the U.S. Supreme Court vacancy, some are envisioning a Minnesotan nominee.     MSNBC, USA Today and CNN are among the prominent news organizations including U.S. Sen. Amy...

Athletes’ load may lighten

Brian Edwards
January 21, 2016

If a student-athlete is interested in joining a student group, getting an internship, studying abroad or visiting family, they need to find a way to fit it in between their academic and athletic commitments.     To...

Protests seek campus diversity nationwide

Benjamin Farniok
December 15, 2015

Around 70 student groups at schools across the U.S. and Canada are demanding more diverse college campuses.    Many, including an activist group at the University of Minnesota, are seeking more...

Texts ending in periods are less sincere ending in periods as less sincere

Bessma Dabaan
December 14, 2015

Before sending their next text message, students may want to re-evaluate the punctuation at the end of their sentences.   A Binghamton University study published last month highlighted the different...

Poll shows computer science attitudes

Tiffany Lukk
December 1, 2015

A recent Gallup poll found that students, parents and teachers think boys are more likely to be interested in and successful at computer science than girls. What’s more, the poll also found that...

Antibiotic resistance plagues public health

Bessma Dabaan
November 24, 2015

Substantial use of antibiotics has caused an increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria, impacting health care providers’ ability to fight infectious diseases. Government officials are trying to teach...

Researchers examine Uber’s environmental impact

Eliana Schreiber
November 23, 2015

Uber and Lyft can offer a cheap ride home, but researchers are looking into what ridesharing services are costing the environment.   As part of an effort to better understand the environmental and...

Junior Natasha Moore, a communications agent of the African-American & African Studies program, kicks off the demonstration hosted by the University's Black Student Union outside of Coffman Memorial Union on Thursday.

U students assemble to support Mizzou protesters

Keaton Schmitt
November 16, 2015

Enduring a wind chill below freezing, a crowd of about 150 gathered in front of the University of Minnesota’s Coffman Union Thursday evening to voice support for protesting students at...

Following months of student protest and controversies at the University of Missouri, its system president resigned Monday morning. Soon after the announcement, a crowd of more than 500 rallied at the school's Carnahan Quad, where students, faculty and other demonstrators chanted in celebration of their movement's success.

Mizzou president resigns

Jackie Renzetti
November 10, 2015

A weekslong campus-wide cry for University of Missouri leaders to address racism at the school received an official response Monday morning with the resignation of the school’s system president.   Mounting...