The Flobots at Cabooze today

by Spencer Doar

Alternative rap/rock group the Flobots are playing Cabooze Thursday.  Hailing from Denver, the Flobots probably ring a bell because of their ‘07/‘08 hit “Handlebars,” an ode to bicycle adeptness characterized by a vivacious horn and plunking guitar intro off of their well-received debut album “Fight with Tools.” Their following two albums in 2010 and 2012 did not strike the same chord as “Tools,” making me wonder yet again how a band deals with “that one song” in their canon, the one they need to play every gig or else the crowd will be disappointed.  (I equally wonder how “Handlebars” hasn’t been taken as an alt-bike anthem…) 

The upside is it will draw a crowd, and the Flobots feature the awesome effect of hip-hop influenced lyricism accompanied by live instrumentation.