The Fashionista is in – A Fashionista finale

Thank you for a very stylish semester

The Fashionista is in - A Fashionista finale

Image by Ashley Goetz

I was at the doctor last week and she took one look at me and said, âÄúYouâÄôre very brown. Have you been tanning?âÄù I did that uncomfortable little smile that one does when confronted with a bad UV habit and sheepishly admitted that yes, I have been broasting within the confines of a Level 1 bed at Darque Tan. She shook her finger at me and told me to stop, or at least check my moles regularly, and I was on my way outta there. However, I got to thinking about tanning. Most of us do it – I stand in line at Darque Tan with the rest of yaâÄôll, and some of you are pretty macho guys. ItâÄôs hard for me to stay pale all winter because IâÄôm a born and bred sun worshipper of the highest order, but we all know itâÄôs bad news. Luckily for us, concerned citizen and spray tan addict Lindsay Lohan feels our pain. We know how Kentucky-fried LiLo likes to be, even with that lovely fair skin hiding underneath her layers of Mystic Tan. However, the part-time lesbian/actress/singer/leggings designer now has another thriving career: spray-tan peddler. Yep, you read that right. Lindsay Lohan has a line of spray tans, and if you are a bit wary of baking your skin in a bath of UV rays, LindsayâÄôs product Sevin Nyne (her favorite numbers, apparently) seems to be legit. In its promo pictures, Lindsay actually looks hot again, and her skin is far more golden bronze than orange-tinted. ItâÄôs only available at Sephora ($35) and has a four-star user rating, which is surprisingly good. Plus, part of the proceeds benefit skin cancer charities. ItâÄôs a little more expensive than, say, Neutrogena, which is about $10 for a bottle, but Lindsay worked with a self-tanning pro to make sure this one doesnâÄôt give you those nasty orange streaks. If a giftcard to Sephora drops out of the sky into my lap, I think IâÄôll try it out. I donâÄôt like getting the disappointed finger-wag from a health professional. And now, a question from a reader! Cue the studio applause and confetti, please, since you know these are the highlight of my day. Reader Ben says: âÄúI feel like I can’t quite get into the fashion niche I want to be in. I really want to look the part of the trendy crowd, but I can’t seem to pick a style that works for me. I’m really interested in fashion, and like to read GQ online but I really can’t find ways to translate their styles into my own wardrobe. I have quite a bit of quality, brand-name clothing and I feel like a couple times per week, when I’m rocking just the right outfit, I have my look down. The rest of the week though, I just can’t seem to make the match. I just really need some advice on where to look online, or which stores to shop at where I can find relatively inexpensive clothes that I can use to make my look more in-style, or some way to help me find ways to put outfits together from the heaps of clothes I have in my wardrobe.âÄù Dear Ben, I feel your pain. IâÄôve had this problem too. What I like to do is rip things out of those magazines and keep them as a sort of âÄúinspiration boardâÄù for myself. ItâÄôs so easy to find inspiration online and in magazines, and thereâÄôs no reason why you canâÄôt mimic things you like with stuff you probably already have in your closet. Find some personal style icons, people with a style you admire, and think about them when youâÄôre getting dressed. (Mine are Marilyn Monroe, the Olsens, and Penny Lane.) When you need a fast-fashion fix, something cool and cheap, I love the H&M menâÄôs section way more than the womenâÄôs and was recently surprised by the guy side of Heritage 1981 at the Mall of America. If youâÄôre having trouble putting things together, start simple. Use a basic color palette, or find a standout piece, like shoes or a shirt, to build your outfit around. My little brother has this problem and heâÄôs found that heâÄôs most comfortable in slim-cut LeviâÄôs, an American Apparel v-neck, a cardigan, and the ridiculous Nikes that he loves. What are things in your closet you love and feel great wearing? Base an outfit around those. This is my final Fashionista for the semester, and I approach it with mixed emotions. I have loved being a part of your Tuesday reading, being a topic of controversy on Network and I hope that IâÄôve helped at least one of you out with your fashion-centric woes. I donâÄôt think IâÄôll ever see my dream of the âÄúdenim mini and leggings with Uggs and fake Chanel sunglasses, topped off by a North Face and Coach bagâÄù ensemble being torched forever, but I tried, right?