Weekend Culture Compass — Bouncer Fighter, Labyrinth

A&E plans your weekend. You’re welcome.

by Raghav Mehta

Thursday MusicâÄì Neil Young There are maybe five singer-songwriters alive on this planet who rival this undisputed rock deity. ItâÄôs probably the best thing to happen to the UniversityâÄôs Northrop auditorium since Bob Dylan performed there on election night. Northrop Auditorium 84 Church Street S.E. 8 p.m. $57-$160 MusicâÄì Bouncer Fighter Bouncer Fighter is just one o Anti-Civ RecordsâÄô prized pieces. Their folk-based gypsy punk is sure to inspire dancing, moshing and even a few head-scratches. TheyâÄôll be performing with Teenage Moods and Kitten Forever. Sauce Spirits and Soundbar 3001 S. Lyndale Avenue 9:30 p.m $5 21+ Friday MovieâÄì Labyrinth The only thing more memorable than David BowieâÄôs as the Goblin King is the Goblin KingâÄôs painfully visible, now-hilariously-infamous bulge. Revisit Jim HensonâÄôs crackpot fantasy with a special screening at the Riverview Theater and see how long you can sit without laughing. Riverview Theater 3800 42nd Ave S 11:30 $5 Movie ¬¬âÄì âÄúSaltâÄù This spy thriller was originally written for Tom Cruise but after a revamp of the script Jolie gave it new life when she stepped in as the replacement. Reviews have been mixed across the board, but hey, at least Roger Ebert liked it. Area Theaters Saturday MusicâÄìLucero A zoo might seem an unusual venue for punk rock and thatâÄôs probably because it is. This group of Dixieland bumpkins made their major-label debut last fall. They’re also rumored to put on a pretty damn good live show. Minnesota Zoo Amphitheatre 1300 Zoo Blvd 7:30 $26 Comedy¬âÄì Shane Mauss Shane Mauss is the sort of comedian Mitch Hedberg would be if he wasnâÄôt so detached and well, dead. The LaCrosse funnyman will be performing all weekend at the Acme Comedy Club. Acme Comedy Club 708 N 1st St 8 p.m & 10:30 p.m $15-$30 18+ Listen to this: “The Suburbs” doesn’t officially come out for another week but there’s a few morsels that have been streaming online for a while now. The fuzzed-out post-punk in “Month of May” paired with goofy ramshackle chorus of “The Suburbs” proves that the band has come a long way since their unprecedented debut. Like the rest of their albums, repeated listens are encouraged. Watch this: âÄúGet LowâÄù Bill Murray and Robert Duvall are in this movie. Need I say more? If your answer is yes, then there’s just no pleasing you man. Read this: The Afghan War’s PR image is in serious doldrums after this weekâÄôs Wiki-leak of a six-year archive of classified military documents. If Michael Hasting’s article on former General Stanley McChrystal was enough to set off the raging cynic inside you then please, read with caution. Drink This: Happy Hour @ The Bad Waitress The name of this place is misleading, seeing that there’s no waitress required at all in this DIY dining experience. Happy Hour: $3 Beers, $6 glass of wine Eat This: Uptown Market If ever got around to seeing/reading Food Inc. and are as terrified of agricultural conglomerates as I am, then the Uptown Market might be your much-needed escape. The market offers fresh produce as well as local food vendors like the Chef Shack and Foxy Falafel on site. 11 a.m.- 5 p.m. Click This: We’re not sure where A&E reporter Tony Libera finds his web gems but this is easily one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. The problem is I can’t seem to figure out if it’s satire or the real deal but I really, really hope it’s satire. http://christwire.org/2010/07/boycott-bill-murray-for-a-better-america/