Culture Compass — Wavves, Best Coast, Nick Thune, Robyn

A&E plans your weekend. You’re welcome, Deadeye Dicks.

by Raghav Mehta


Best Coast and Wavves

The Varsity

1308 Fourth Street SE

9 p.m.


When it comes to this unanimously adored surf-rock couple, IâÄôm a minorityâÄôs minority. But donâÄôt let this reporterâÄôs stubborn cynicism sway your opinion because if my Facebook feed is an indication of anything (itâÄôs not), every indie rock goon and their hippest roommate will be in attendance.

Oh, and did you hear? Beth and Nate are officially âÄúan item.âÄù Disclaimer: This âÄújoint effortâÄù has the likelihood of becoming a very âÄúgreen-friendlyâÄù event. And no MPIRG, IâÄôm not talking about recycling.



Nick Thune

Acme Comedy

708 North 1st St # G31

8 p.m.âÄì10:30 p.m.


Guitar-comedian Nick Thune hails from the land of grunge, âÄúThe StrangerâÄù and a towering not-so-futuristic looking Space Needle (thatâÄôs Seattle, for all you newspaper-reading cave dwellers). Unlike Demetri Martin, Thune incorporates actual melody into his bits. And his cleverly titled debut album âÄúThick NoonâÄù showcases his penchant for absurdity and deadpan one-liners.




First Ave

701 First Ave. S

7 p.m.


Swedish superstar Robyn morphed into an indie sensation faster than the length of time it took for Charlie Sheen to exit and subsequently re-enter rehab. Her electric dance-trance has had folks across the pond âÄúgetting downâÄù for a while now, but with a spot on Katie PerryâÄôs upcoming tour âÄòround the corner, her claim to American fame couldnâÄôt be more realized. LetâÄôs just hope the buzz lasts longer than SheenâÄôs third marriage âÄîheyo! (okay, IâÄôll stop. I promise).


Culture to consume:

Listen to this: Lil WayneâÄôs âÄúGreen and YellowâÄù

In light of the Green BayâÄôs big win Sunday, it only seems obligatory that every American citizen (permanent residents and visa holders are cool too) have WeezyâÄôs freestyle ode to the Packers on continuous loop for the next 300-or-so days. Just try to be sensitive about it; there are embittered Vikings fans âÄòround these parts, ya know.

Watch this:âÄúThe Social NetworkâÄù on DVD

The hyped Oscar contender might be old news to most of you by now, but the novelty of David FincherâÄôs cinematic masterpiece doesnâÄôt wear thin with repeated viewings. DonâÄôt believe me? Just ask A&E reporter Andy Penkalski who never forgets to revisit it every few hours. ItâÄôs actually starting to worry some of us and an intervention might be in order. Donations are accepted and encouraged.

Read this: Rupert MurdochâÄôs âÄúThe DailyâÄù

Got an iPad? Yeah? Well are you also a sucker for news aggregators? Because the worldâÄôs most-hated purveyor of news media, Rupert Murdoch, introduced his new tablet publication âÄúThe DailyâÄù last week. Compiling stories from reporters from all around the world, Murdoch claims his new iPad-only publication is geared towards delivering a more âÄúcentristâÄù viewpoint.

Eat this âÄî Chicken Shawarma at WallyâÄôs

DinkytownâÄôs ubiquitous mogul might get most of his traffic at Hideaway, but his Middle Eastern fast food joint is arguably his most prized possession. If you like large portions, flavor and are sick of frozen pizza, try the chicken shawarma combo affordably priced at $6.

Drink this: Happy Hour at LyleâÄôs Liquors

LyleâÄôs is far and away my favorite place to get blotto without having to starve the rest of the weekend. Their two-for-one special runs every day from 9âÄì11 p.m. The foodâÄôs not bad either.