The Fashionista is in – Oscar dish

Who soared and who tanked at the 2010 ceremony.

The Fashionista is in - Oscar dish

by Kara Nesvig

Paris Fashion Week is in full swing, but the majority of Hollywood starlets nixed Dior and Chanel for the Oscars, in what was not necessarily a wise choice. I can’t imagine what it’s like to choose a dress for such a storied night with such catty press, so I have to give most of these ladies credit for their bravery. Plus, when you haven’t eaten for three days and maybe endured a colonic or two, I can see how the Oscars would stress you out. HereâÄôs the rundown. The Good: I loved Jennifer Lopez’s pale pink Armani Privé. Sure, she looks a bit like Glinda the Good Witch crossed with a seashell, but the color worked flawlessly with her skin tone and the silhouette suited her legendary figure. Meryl Streep can do no wrong and her long-sleeved white Chris March (of “Project Runway” fame âÄî he’s the one who used the human hair in his Fashion Week collection) proved that she’s not only a fantastic actress but a timeless red carpet staple, too. I loved Rachel McAdamsâÄô watercolor-print Elie Saab; it was a lot of dress, but it didn’t overwhelm Regina George. And last but most definitely not least? Diane Kruger in Chanel Haute Couture might as well have stopped my heart. If anyone can pull off a “risky” (by American red carpet standards) dress like this, it’s the flawless Diane. I loved seeing Marchesa dominate the red carpet; any label that uses that many feathers, ruffles and sequins in such a tasteful way is a favorite of mine. Sandra Bullock’s champagne column and Gabby Sidibe’s sapphire gown came from Ms. Georgina Chapman, who besides being a Rachel Zoe bestie is also the wife of Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Weinstein. Though Sandra’s dress wasn’t my favorite, she was impeccably styled, from Veronica Lake-esque hairdo to those much Tweeted-about red lips. And a side note: Can we please talk about how hot Ryan Reynolds looks in a Tom Ford tuxedo? Ow ow. FashionistaâÄôs Best Dressed award goes to: Diane Kruger The Bad: I don’t care if Zoe Saldana’s Givenchy gown was “fashion.” It was an overwhelming purple mess. Maybe without the Koosh balls at the train or the varying degrees of lilac and amethyst I’d have liked it better. As it was, I thought it was terrible. However, I give props to Zoe for having the balls to pull it off as well as she did. Pale hues were popular this Oscar season and while some celebrities fared well with blush/nude/grey tones (Anna Kendricks in pale pink Elie Saab, Demi Moore in Atelier Versace), others fell flat. Amanda Seyfried’s Armani Privé washed her out terribly (at least on my TV). Charlize Theron looked stunning from the neck up but holy smokes, John Galliano, did you think placing rosettes reminiscent of lady parts on Charlize’s own lady parts was a good idea? I wasn’t a fan of the prom dress shades of pink either. I’m fairly certain Penelope Cruz has been wearing the same dress(es) for the past four years, so I put her on my “bad” list just because she could have done so much better than the lackluster maroon Donna Karan she chose. Mariah Carey + Oscars = does not compute. Mariah has more terrible red carpet choices than almost anyone I can think of and she did not fail to deliver one Sunday night. Her dark blue slit-up-to-here dress looked very “mother of the bride” up top and “skank” from the waist down. FashionistaâÄôs Worst Dressed goes to: Mariah Carey The On-the-Fence: I am still madly in love with Sarah Jessica Parker. Carrie Bradshaw can do no wrong in my eyes, and I think I love her Chanel Haute Couture gown, but I’m not 100 percent yet. From certain angles, the buttercup-yellow Karl Lagerfeld creation looks stunning, and from others it totally dies. I really do adore Elizabeth Banks, and maybe that’s part of the reason why I can’t totally slam her blue-grey Versace. She tweeted only a few days ago that she hadn’t decided on a dress yet and I’m disappointed she chose this one. The bodice doesn’t fit her right and her blonde hair is looking a bit too yellow. Can someone get her some purple shampoo to tone that brassiness down?