2009 Minneapolis city election rundown

Election Day is Nov. 3.

Almost one year ago, Americans went to the polls to cast their votes for President.

The stakes are a little bit lower this year, but the results will hit closer to home.

Next Tuesday, Minneapolitans will go to the polls to cast their votes for mayor, City Council , Board of Estimate and Taxation and Park and Recreation.

Minneapolis Mayor

Mayor R.T. Rybak is up for re-election in MinneapolisâÄô mayoral race. Rybak was first elected in 2001 and is seeking a third term . Ten candidates are challenging him. Major party candidates for mayor include: Dick Franson, DFL, R.T. Rybak, DFL (Incumbent), Al Flowers, DFL, Christopher Clark, Libertarian and Papa John Kolstad, endorsed by the Minneapolis Independence and Republican parties.

Minneapolis City Council

One Minneapolis City Council member will be elected to a four-year term in each of the cityâÄôs 13 wards. Ward 2 and Ward 3 include most of the University of Minnesota campus and the majority of off-campus student housing. The Ward 2 candidates include: Cam Gordon, Green Party (Incumbent) and Allen A. Aigbogun, Independent

In the last election, Gordon got 51 percent of the votes in his ward. He is the only Green Party member on the council. The other members are all DFLers.

Ward 3 candidates include: Diane Hofstede, DFL (Incumbent), Raymond Wilson Rolfe, Libertarian Party, Allen Kathir, DFL, Jeffrey Cobia, Republican, and Melissa Hill, Civil Disobedience.

Hofstede was elected to her first term in 2005, winning 71 percent of the votes.

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board members are elected to four-year terms in each of the six park districts throughout the city. District 1 and District 3 encompass most of the University of Minnesota and off-campus student housing.

District 1 candidates include: Liz Wielinski, Bernie Kunza and John Malone.

District 3 candidates are Scott Vreeland and Mike Wendorf.

Three additional non Ward-specific candidates for Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board will also be elected from the following pool of candidates: Tom Nordyke, John Erwin, Annie Young, Mary Merrill Anderson, John Butler, David Wahlstedt, Bob Fine and Nancy Bernard.

Earlier this year, the park board sought to have a referendum included on the ballot that would grant it taxation power, but the request was ultimately denied by a judge in September.

Minneapolis Board of Estimate and Taxation

Two of the following candidates will be elected to the Board of Estimate and Taxation: Carol Becker, DeWayne Townsend, Phil Willkie, David Wheeler, James Elliot Swartwood and R. Michael Martens.

There will be a question on the ballot regarding the cityâÄôs proposal to replace members of the Board of Estimate and Taxation with City Council members.

The Board, which is responsible for authorizing city bonds, determining tax levy limits and auditing city government finances, currently consists of two elected individuals, two City Council members, a representative from the Park and Recreation Board and the mayor.