Candidate Ramaley up for Vermont job

At least one of three candidates for the job of University president is looking at another presidential position at a different school.
Judith Ramaley, president of Portland State University, started a two-and-a-half day tour of the University of Vermont Wednesday. Ramaley, whom officials announced as one of four finalists for the top post at Vermont, will partake in interviews by the university’s administration, interest groups and government officials.
She is scheduled to interview at the University next Monday and Tuesday. She will spend the first day on the Twin Cities campus and most of the second day on the Duluth campus.
Though Ramaley told the Star Tribune that she hadn’t decided which job she would take if both were offered, she has said in the past that she feels she is ready to take on the challenges of a larger institution..
Vermont’s enrollment is around 10,000 in comparison with the University’s 49,000. Portland State, her current school, has an enrollment of about 15,000
Both Minnesota and Vermont plan to announce their new presidents by the end of the year. The University’s Board of Regents tentatively scheduled its announcement of the new president for Dec. 13.
Other candidates for the University position include University of Auburn President William Muse and University of Texas Vice President Mark Yudof.
— Jim Martyka