Culture compass — KE$HA style

A&E plans your weekend. You’re welcome, Ke$ha fans.

by Sarah Harper



Literary Death Match

Nomad World Pub

501 S. Cedar Ave.

Doors at 6:30 p.m., show at 7:35 p.m.

$6 preorder, $10 at the door

Tonight, four local writers will go head-to-head-to-head-to-head in a kooky little battle called the Literary Death Match. The contenders are Martin Kihn, Tristan Jimerson, Sarah Stonich and Kao Kalia Yang. They’ll read against each other before three local judges – Emily Goldberg, Ian Rans and Alexis McKinnis, aka’s Alexis on the Sexes). Two rounds and one finale will turn out a death match champ — and their win will probably have nothing to do with how good their stuff is.

Friday NIGHT

Ethics and Hip-Hop: A Discussion with Dessa

Augsburg College, Kennedy Center

2211 Riverside Ave., Minneapolis

8 p.m.


It’s only fitting that Doomtree’s most philosophizing force should deliver a presentation called “Mic Lines: Art, Ethics and their Contested Connections” at Augsburg College. Dessa will wax about the great power — and great responsibility — that artists have in their communities. Then she’ll play a short set with her band.

Do you want to go? Dessa-ide already! You have to register online at to get a spot.


Larry Yazzie and the Native Pride Dancers

SteppingStone Theatre

55 N. Victoria St., St. Paul

3 p.m.

Pay what you can

The YouTube trailer for this production asks, “What if you could live forever? Could you dance through life?”

Whether  you’re clear on your answers to those questions, this celebration of the Northern Plains will be a vibrant show.

Renowned Fancy Dancer Larry Yazzie will present the traditional Native American dances that have been passed down through generations.

 The “Pay What You Can” price tag can’t hurt.


Read this: “Keep Tickin’ and Tockin’ Work it ll Around the Clock” by Jonathan Bogart

Let’s all take a break from chugging Tennessee whiskey to wish a happy birthday to Kesha Rose Sebert. That’s right, our baby is 24 years old. In a year, she’ll be able to get a rental car all by herself! At least do her the service of looking this article up online. It was featured in the book, “Best Music Writing 2011.”

Written by a true pop buff, this consideration of Ke$ha’s rise to fame is multi-faceted and takes nothing for granted. Bogart dissects the star’s race, her sexuality and yes, her music.

Listen to this: Ke$ha’s cover of “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright”

There are no vocally fried white-girl rhymes. There are no cocky claims to swagger and there are no freaky bursts of synth — is this really Ke$ha? And is she really crying? Even if we picture her on the bathroom floor, the morning after, post-vom session, it’s hard to believe that the glittery pop star could create such a raw sound. But she did it, and it’s part of a compilation of Bob Dylan covers by Amnesty International. It all came out back in December. Listen to it again today in honor of the party girl’s birthday.

Drink this: Ke$ha Cocktails (21+ only!)

If and only if you’re of legal age, Ke$ha’s birthday is a great time to mix some nasty, dirty cocktails for yourself. Put on some glitter and some face paint and burn your bartending guide. Here are two recipes to get you started:

Drugstore sangria: two parts Smirnoff strawberry vodka and one part canned pineapple.

The Toothpaste: one bottle of Jack Daniels.

Watch this: Ke$ha Interview with Ryan Seacrest

In 2010, when “Tik Tok” had just been released, Ke$ha went on air to talk with Ryan Seacrest. She spoke about not wanting to find her real dad, trespassing on Prince’s property to give him her demo and preferring guys who have mullets.

It’s one of the sweetest interviews you could imagine — Ke$ha’s all smiles, lovin’ life, which A&E hopes she’s doing today, on her birthday! Happy birthday, Ke$ha.

—     Love, the Minnesota Daily A&E team.