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Ahead of Super Tuesday, University students discuss picks for Democratic nomination

The Minnesota Daily interviewed students around campus this week about who they think should get the nomination.
From left, Meghan Cahill, Neesha Moore, Jack Kappel pose for portraits on Monday, Feb. 24.
Image by Nur B. Adam
From left, Meghan Cahill, Neesha Moore, Jack Kappel pose for portraits on Monday, Feb. 24.

With the Minnesota Democratic presidential primary looming, the Minnesota Daily asked students who they think should get the nomination to be the Democratic presidential candidate.

Simone Hendrix

Major: Sociology

Hometown: Middleton, Wisconsin

Voting: Bernie Sanders, in-person on election day

“It was either between Warren or Bernie. But as I’m a public health minor, I’m very interested in health issues, and [Bernie]’s pushing for Medicare for All and that’s … an area that I really care about.”

Pakou Vang

Major: Physics

Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota

Voting: Undecided between Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren, in-person in St. Paul 

“For [Warren], I just like her ideas and the way she’s thinking. For [Biden], I’m just leaning towards him because he was the vice president. But, it’s a little hard for me to decide on him because I don’t think that he’s been doing really well in the debates.” 

Jordyn Kathmann

Major: Youth studies and Spanish

Hometown: Rochester, Minnesota

Voting: Bernie Sanders, in-person in Minneapolis 

“My mom has Type I diabetes, and she’s had it since she was a little kid. We’re having a really big problem right now in the U.S. with rationing insulin and not getting people access to the healthcare that they need. So I think it’s really important to ensure that all people — no matter race, ethnicity, social class — are able to have access to different medical devices and services like insulin. And then I also just agree with his stances on taxing the wealthy, lowering debt for students and all of his stances on equality.”

Jack Kappel 

Major: Finance

Hometown: Waconia, Minnesota

Voting: Undecided between Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump, unknown method

“I think of myself as a little bit of a moderate. I know that they’re kind of viewed as the most extreme on the sides, but I don’t know. I’m just kind of caught between some things on each side that I kind of agree with and disagree with. And, you know, [Trump] is not really the most professional-acting person on the planet, but there just are some Republican ideals that I do agree with.” 

Ryan Stumbo

Major: Fisheries, wildlife and conservation biology 

Hometown: Faribault, Minnesota

Voting: Pete Buttigieg, in-person 

“I think he could bring some good views not being in [Congress]. While I can see that that might have its own flaws, I think I really like stoic and very calm during the debate — unlike some of the candidates. The main reason is that he’s not too far left.” 

Meghan Cahill

Major: Chemistry

Hometown: Hanover, Minnesota

Voting: Amy Klobuchar, absentee ballot

“I’ve done my research on all the candidates, and I feel that Amy is the most effective politician we have as a Democratic nominee. She gets the most things done in the Senate … and she gets the most bipartisan work done. I feel like our country is more polarized than ever, and I think that the next president should be someone [who’s] willing to bring everybody in and is going to unify the country. I feel like Amy is best able to do that.”

Alisha Bhagia

Major: Biology, society and environment 

Hometown: Rochester, Minnesota

Voting: Elizabeth Warren, absentee ballot 

“I really like her stances on specific policies such as healthcare and climate change. I also think that she’s a really strong candidate that is working for … the American people. And she’s a woman, and I think it’s about time we have a woman president.”

Neesha Moore

Major: Sport management 

Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota

Voting: Undecided

“Currently, I’m undecided. I need to do a lot more research before I fill in the bubble on my ballot. I’m trying to find candidates that really support issues that I care about and that I think can beat Donald Trump … Caring about people is my main concern and I feel like some candidates don’t do that as well [as others].”

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