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by Jake Grovum

A quick note from the AP via the Star Tribune here: According to the story, the Sacramento County Republicans posted material on its website urging people to “Waterboard Barack Obama” while comparing him to Osama Bin Laden. The material was removed from the site, according to the story. “Images promoting the comparison have been removed from the site. The Sacramento Bee reported that the Web site showed Obama in a turban next to bin Laden, the al-Qaida leader, and said: “The difference between Osama and Obama is just a little B.S.” Remember my blog post saying the GOP is ultimately fueling these flames, either directly or indirectly? Well, this is an official wing of the Republican party putting this out. How much is too much? How can you justify promoting the waterboarding of a presidential candidate? Regardless of how much you disagree with him, I think it’s a bit much. Check out the site for yourself here: