Four students robbed at knifepoint on bridge

by Jessica Steeno

Four University students were mugged in three separate incidents Feb. 4 on or near the 10th Avenue Bridge.
Two men are suspected in the crimes. Police arrested one suspect shortly after the robberies that occurred around 8 p.m., according to police reports. Reginald Jackson, 18, initially told police that he was a juvenile and his name was Harry Eugene Lott, but police later discovered his real name and age. Jackson was released because none of the victims could positively identify him. No charges have been filed.
One of the victims, a College of Liberal Arts junior, said she wasn’t able to identify the man police arrested, because the men attacked her near a burned-out street light, and she could not see their faces.
“When I heard they had to let go of him, I felt bad and felt frustrated because I thought, it’s just going to happen again, and I could have done something about it,” she said.
The suspects held all of the victims at knifepoint while they demanded money and valuables from them, according to the reports.
Two other students were walking to a parking lot near the 10th Avenue Bridge together when they were mugged. Police suspect it was by the same two men. Nancy McCormick, co-chairwoman of the safety committee for the University Law School, said the lot the students were parked in is referred to by many as “the pit.” It is near the river, and many students park there because it is cheaper than University lots nearby.
Another University student was also mugged at about the same time while attempting to cross the 10th Avenue Bridge. Police said the same men were likely involved in this incident.
Later that evening, police found several purses and pieces of identification near the crime scene. One of the victims said the men took her money and left the other materials. She said she has not yet received her purse because police are attempting to obtain fingerprints from it.
Police are still investigating the robberies.
In other police news occurring between Feb. 3 and Feb. 10:
ù Three people were arrested Feb. 5 for selling Gophers basketball tickets without a license, according to a University Police report.
Officer Dave St. Cyr said University Police are targeting efforts toward people that sell student tickets because these people cause a nuisance for fans going to the games. He said people have purchased tickets from scalpers and later realized the tickets were for a different game. Police want to make sure these people don’t get away with making money from fans.
St. Cyr said the people who were arrested buy and sell tickets to make a profit.
“We know who they are and they know who we are,” he said. “We’re not after the individual who’s trying to get rid of a ticket because they have an extra one. What we’re trying to eliminate is those people who are at these games. Every game, we see the same people out there, and they’re a nuisance.”
All three of the men were cited for soliciting without a permit.