Police suspect work of arsonist

Minneapolis Fire Department investigators think arson was the cause of a fire Friday near the University’s Mineral Resources Research Center.
Members of the fire department’s station 19 responded to a three-alarm fire burning in a storage building next to the research center. The storage building held fertilizer and tools.
Firefighters quickly contained the blaze and no one was injured.
After examining the scene, arson investigators determined someone deliberately set the fire, but couldn’t ascertain exactly how the fire was started.
University Police Chief Joy Rikala said that was when police stepped into the investigation.
“Police detained a person who was down by the fire” when they arrived, she said, adding she could not confirm the name of the suspect or say if he was arrested.
“He was detained because he was the only one in the area,” she said. Rikala also said the person had a camera and may have been taking pictures of the fire.
University Police are investigating.
— Jim Martyka