Unwanted guests ruin Friday bash, add to chain of burglaries

by Justin Costley

As Joshua Trinkner hosted a party at his Sixth Avenue Southeast apartment Friday, two assailants entered the residence, assaulted Trinkner and stole nearly $1,000 worth of property.
The robbery occurred after midnight as the party was winding down, Trinkner said. The robbers stole items from all five remaining party-goers. Three were asleep at the time.
“I just felt so raped in a way,” Trinkner said. “We are really hoping something happens, but I feel like I’ve lost my faith in humanity after this.”
The suspects entered the apartment through a back door, which was kept open so people could enter and leave the party.
When he heard two people enter the residence, Trinkner said he looked to see who it was but was met with a fist instead.
“We were expecting people, but not people who come in and smack me around,” Trinkner said.
During the burglary, Trinkner and another victim waited in the bathroom while the assailants pilfered belongings.
The thieves stole a combination television and VCR, two Minolta cameras, compact discs, two purses, a wallet and a book bag, according to Minneapolis Police reports.
After the incident, Trinkner and the other victims went to his girlfriend’s home where they waited several hours before calling police.
He said they discussed whether to report the crime at all.
“Nothing in the house was extremely valuable,” Trinkner said. “They threatened to kill us if we called the cops, so we were super hesitant.”
Since moving into the apartment in August, Trinkner said he learned the residence had been burglarized several times before with few precautionary measures taken by the management.
He added that in light of the most recent incident plus the previous burglaries, he and his roommate might not want to continue to live in the apartment.
“There’s no way I want to be there again if it gets robbed,” Trinkner said.
Police have no suspects in the case.

In other police news:
149>More than $500 was reportedly stolen from a Chinese restaurant near campus Nov. 15.
According to Minneapolis Police reports, the burglary occurred at the U Garden at 2725 University Ave. S.E. The theft occurred sometime before 5 a.m. Wednesday when it was reported to the police.
Someone broke one of the restaurant’s windows, then entered U Garden and stole $340 cash from the register drawer and $178 in coin rolls.
Damage to the window will cost the restaurant $1,000 to repair.
149>Minneapolis Police responded to a report of a stolen car Thursday from outside a residence at 310 Fourth Ave. S.E.
The 1994 gray and silver Pontiac Grand Am belonged to University student Chad Kraemer and was stolen from a parking lot outside his house.
The theft occurred after midnight Wednesday, when Kraemer went to bed. When he awoke after 6 a.m. Thursday and went outside, foot and tire tracks were the only thing left.
“I at first thought that it might have been towed, but I noticed that there was just the tracks of them backing up and taking off,” Kraemer said.
Kraemer added he was angry and a little frustrated when he learned the car had been stolen.
Police reports state there was no broken glass or other physical evidence at the scene, and there are no suspects or witnesses to the crime.

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