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Woman allegedly raped at U Village

by Justin Costley
Published December 13, 2000

and Mike Wereschagin University freshman and Gophers football player Steven Watson was arrested and released Friday in connection with an alleged rape of an 18-year-old woman, according to Hennepin County...

Man charged with possession of theft tools on West Bank

by Justin Costley
Published December 13, 2000

Mark Ehlers, 21, was charged Dec. 8 with possession of burglary or theft tools in Hennepin County District Court. Court documents state University Police officers arrested Ehlers Dec. 7 outside the West...

University police face unique challenges in urban location

by Justin Costley
Published December 12, 2000

The University's urban setting, coupled with the educational and community-friendly mission needed on campus, sets the University Police Department's goals and responsibilities apart from other police...

Residents disgusted and frustrated by recent burglary

by Justin Costley
Published December 6, 2000

While 81-year-old Bjorn Johnson and his wife Jean were in Oregon visiting relatives Nov. 28, an unknown person burglarized their residence at 1020 7th St. S.E. Lori Johnson, the couple's daughter-in-law,...

University student charged with assault in Territorial Hall attack

by Justin Costley
Published December 6, 2000

Assistant County Attorney Mark Hammer filed third-degree assault charges in Hennepin County District Court Nov. 30 against 19-year-old Eric Cox in connection with his alleged attack of University student...

Thanksgiving break creates a perfect time for slew of thefts

by Justin Costley
Published November 29, 2000

Minneapolis Police responded to a shooting 4 a.m. Friday at 2630 University Ave. S.E. Police reports state an assailant shot Nasir Muhammed Hassan, shortly before 3 a.m. as he attempted to get into a vehicle. Hassan...

Unwanted guests ruin Friday bash, add to chain of burglaries

by Justin Costley
Published November 22, 2000

As Joshua Trinkner hosted a party at his Sixth Avenue Southeast apartment Friday, two assailants entered the residence, assaulted Trinkner and stole nearly $1,000 worth of property. The robbery occurred...

Student attacked in Territorial Hall, sustains serious injuries

by Justin Costley
Published November 20, 2000

Three men entered Territorial Hall after 2 a.m. Nov. 12 and one of them allegedly assaulted University student Luke Albers outside his dorm room. Witnesses said the assailant knocked on Albers' door, waited...

Stolen car is student’s second vehicle incident this year

by Justin Costley
Published November 15, 2000

When University student Angie Simonson couldn't find her car outside her Second Avenue Southeast apartment Nov. 6 she assumed it had been towed for street sweeping. In the back of her mind, she thought...

New U Police Web site offers safety tips

by Justin Costley
Published November 13, 2000

With a redesigned Web site, University Police have a high-tech way of connecting with the community and providing students with information related to crime and crime prevention on campus. The Web site...

Burglar unsuccessfully targets two buildings at University

by Justin Costley
Published November 8, 2000

The state of Minnesota filed burglary charges Nov. 2 against Mark Paul Murto in Hennepin County District Court in connection with break-ins at two University buildings. On Oct. 31, between 11:20 and 11:40...

Burglar steals one bike and leaves another in its place

by Justin Costley
Published November 1, 2000

When University student Steven Bartlett stepped outside his residence at 707 Fifth St. S.E. to go to his garage on Oct. 23, he found a bike -- but it wasn't his. Between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. an unknown burglar...

Minnesota crime low; racial profiling a political concern

by Justin Costley
Published October 30, 2000

Though the crime rate in Minnesota compares favorably with other major metropolitan areas, racial profiling has become a hot topic for candidates in this fall's election. The Minnesota state Legislature...

Rash of burglaries prompts U

by Justin Costley
Published October 27, 2000

Nighttime burglaries in the University area could be partially avoided through tightened security efforts of residents, police officials recently said. In the last several weeks, at least seven residences...

Late robbery report proves costly for victim, local music business

by Justin Costley
Published October 25, 2000

Minneapolis Police responded to a report of a burglary Oct. 20 at a residence at 1112 16th Ave. S.E. Though it wasn't reported until 9:40 p.m., the burglary occurred during the day between 10:45 a.m. and...

Student arrested after making terroristic threats to cashier

by Justin Costley
Published October 18, 2000

University Police arrested Lawrence Lyman Jr. on Oct. 12 for making terroristic threats to a cashier in the University's Office of the Bursar. Principal cashier Genessa Clement said Lyman came into the...

Deliveryman carjacked near campus

by Justin Costley
Published October 17, 2000

Two men carjacked and robbed Dennis James, an employee of Erbert and Gerberts Subs and Clubs, at gunpoint Sunday night as he was making deliveries. According to Minneapolis police reports, the assailants...

Students lose electronics, CDs in burglaries

by Justin Costley
Published October 11, 2000

While University student Ryan Swiderski and his roommates were sleeping Oct. 3, one or more unknown intruders burglarized their house at 728 8th Ave. S.E. of nearly $4,000 in electronic equipment. The...

Man stabbed as violence disrupts local party

by Justin Costley
Published October 4, 2000

A stabbing at a private party on the eastern edge of campus sent one man to the hospital early Saturday morning with minor injuries. An assailant stabbed Marques Martin in the back of his left knee sometime...

Burglars strike home in Como vicinity

by Justin Costley
Published October 3, 2000

An Institute of Technology student came home last week and discovered he had been burglarized while his two roommates were at home. Minneapolis police responded early Wednesday morning to a burglary at...

Computer, fridge taken from fraternity in weekend thefts

by Justin Costley
Published September 27, 2000

The 15 residents of the University's Alpha Chi Sigma professional fraternity endured an eventful weekend, which included a theft and a burglary. An old refrigerator and a Pentium 166 computer were taken...

an flees from police by jumping in Mississippi River

by Justin Costley
Published September 20, 2000

An unidentified man fled Minneapolis police Monday morning by plunging into the Mississippi River. After 12 hours of searching Monday and continued efforts Tuesday by the Hennepin County Sheriff's Water...

nknown assailants attack student with pipe-like object

by Justin Costley
Published September 20, 2000

Three assailants attacked a University freshman with what was presumed to be a pipe Friday morning, requiring the student to get five stitches from doctors at Fairview-University Medical Center. The freshman,...

Roy Wilkins Hall fire prompts evacuation

by Justin Costley
Published September 14, 2000

A fire in the room of two Gophers football players at Roy Wilkins Hall forced the evacuation of 130 residents late Tuesday night. No one was injured as a result of the blaze, which began after 11 p.m....

Police cite 27 for alcohol use during first week of classes

by Justin Costley
Published September 13, 2000

Classes started last week and so did the partying. Twenty-seven alcohol-related citations were handed out on campus, but police officials say it's nothing new. One of the 27 violators, University freshman...

Holocaust survivor displays artwork, new book at museum

by Justin Costley
Published September 12, 2000

Having survived a Nazi concentration camp at 19, Dr. Robert Fisch knows the true value of freedom. Now, after a world-renowned career as a University pediatrician, Dr. Fisch has created two books attempting...

NIH grants U funding for debated stem-cell research on embryos

by Justin Costley
Published September 5, 2000

A controversial decision by the National Institutes of Health will allow scientists at the University's stem-cell institute to apply for federal funding for a form of research involving human embryos. Citing...

Donation program first of its kind

by Justin Costley
Published August 16, 2000

Charity is often expressed through the offering of assistance, money or time to others. At Fairview-University Medical Center, it is being expressed through the sharing of kidneys. It isn't new for family...

Medical camp offers children chance to discover human body

by Justin Costley
Published August 11, 2000

Sheep brain dissections, electrocardiograms and ultrasound procedures aren't normal experiences for 9- to 11-year-old children. However, at Kids U: World of Medicine and "U," a camp coordinated by the...

U center provides services for high-risk obese patients

by Justin Costley
Published July 14, 2000

When Debra Langer began gaining weight for what seemed like no reason, she turned to dieting. Jenny Craig, Slim Fast and numerous other diet plans failed as a thyroid problem, diagnosed much later, caused...

Researchers use vitamin B-12 to detect cancer

by Justin Costley
Published June 28, 2000

Collaborating for more than 10 years, two researchers from the University and the Mayo Clinic have developed a new technique for detecting cancerous tumors using ordinary vitamin B-12. The procedure, patented...

U doctors test cell transplants to aid diabetics

by Justin Costley
Published June 16, 2000

Building on the success of Canadian researchers, University doctors will begin a study using a procedure pioneered at this campus in 1974. The trial, which could begin at any time, will transplant insulin-producing...

Researchers work to reduce cancer pain

by Justin Costley
Published May 3, 2000

For bone cancer patients, just the touch of a loved one or getting out of bed can produce excruciating pain. The pain medications prescribed, which include morphine in later stages, provide only temporary...

New dentistry dean has vision

by Justin Costley
Published May 1, 2000

The Board of Regents has unanimously approved Peter Polverini as the new School of Dentistry dean. Polverini, who currently serves as a department head in the University of Michigan's School of Dentistry,...

Holocaustsurvivor teaches with art

by Justin Costley
Published April 24, 2000

In 1945 Austria, the Gunskirchen concentration camp's only purpose was death. But for Robert Fisch and the 30,000 other captives, life and death didn't seem to matter. "This was a so-called terminal stage,"...

Allergy sufferers rely on treatment for sneeze relief

by Justin Costley
Published April 20, 2000

In Minnesota, winter and spring are synonymous with sneezing, runny noses and coughing to many people. For some, however, the symptoms include others like watery, itchy eyes that can persist at various...

Cancer drug might prolong patients’ lives

by Justin Costley
Published April 14, 2000

An ongoing clinical trial at the University's Cancer Center is studying the effects of an experimental new cancer drug that researchers hope will prolong the life of patients. The trial is available only...

State’s first liver transplant a success

by Justin Costley
Published April 11, 2000

When doctors diagnosed 30-year-old Candace Ward with liver cancer in February 1999, the college student and her family fell into a state of shock. Surgery ensued, and all was well. Nine months later, though,...

Treatments save faces from acne

by Justin Costley
Published April 4, 2000

Making new friends, meeting new people, going out on weekends and interacting with new peer groups are all staples of a normal college social life. Students with moderate to severe acne, however, might...

Humphrey joins U epidemiology department

by Justin Costley
Published April 3, 2000

Former state senator, attorney general and gubernatorial candidate Hubert H. "Skip" Humphrey III's career has come full circle since he graduated from the University. Now out of public office, Humphrey...

U researchers join the elite in genetic studies

by Justin Costley
Published March 23, 2000

Picking up where Louis Pasteur left off more than 200 years ago, University researchers have unlocked the secret to the genetic makeup of a bacterium named after the father of microbiology and launched...

Bombing of Pearl Harbor jolts U

by Justin Costley
Published March 22, 2000

Editor's note: This is the fifth in a 10-part series of stories highlighting each decade of the 20th century and how The Minnesota Daily covered them. The series will appear on Wednesdays leading up to...

Opening of Coffman Union merits Daily special edition

by Justin Costley
Published March 22, 2000

While the $37.5 million renovation project of Coffman Memorial Union has made headlines lately in The Minnesota Daily, the paper focused an entire edition to the building's $2 million construction and...

Student residency assignments bring flood of emotion

by Justin Costley
Published March 17, 2000

After five years of medical school, University student Rachel Zent found out yesterday what direction her future in medicine would take: the University of Colorado in Denver. She will spend the next seven...

Medical School stresses cultural sensitivity

by Justin Costley
Published March 15, 2000

Reading a book about a conflict between a Hmong family and American doctors concerning the health care of a child might seem unimportant for a first-year medical student. The University's Medical School...

Researcher develops new CPR device

by Justin Costley
Published March 9, 2000

Resuscitating a cardiac arrest victim with a common household plunger might seem like an impossibility. But after University doctor Keith Lurie cared for a patient who survived that exact situation, he...

Joint health institute selects new director

by Justin Costley
Published February 17, 2000

A six-month search by the National Institute of Health Policy ended Feb. 8 when Daniel McLaughlin became the new executive director. McLaughlin was selected by the NIHP, a joint venture between the University...

Professor to continue research with $100 million settlement

by Justin Costley
Published February 15, 2000

In a half-century love affair with science, Robert Vince has gone from mixing chemicals for rocket fuel to creating the first anti-AIDS drug ever developed specifically to fight the virus. Trading his...

State senators imitate doctors

by Justin Costley
Published February 11, 2000

Two state senators teamed up with University doctors Thursday to resuscitate a man suffering from cardiac arrest. The man was actually a human patient simulator, and the senators were only playing "Docs...

International-student fee proposed

by Justin Costley
Published January 28, 2000

The University will begin charging a $95 fee to all new international students to build and maintain a national database of names and addresses, if a proposal by the Immigration and Naturalization Service...

Carlson limits competition to U

by Justin Costley
Published January 26, 2000

Organizers of this spring's third annual entrepreneurship competition at the Carlson School of Management are saying goodbye to non-University entrants. Business Plan Competition overseers have barred...

New radio station comes to Twin Cities

by Justin Costley
Published January 24, 2000

University students surfing their radio dials for artists like Janet Jackson, Kid Rock or Bob Marley will have a new major rhythm and blues radio station to tune into this spring. A black ownership group...

Colleges embrace Internet education

by Justin Costley
Published December 15, 1999

Following a nationwide trend, the Carlson School of Management recently proposed its first move into e-commerce. Beginning next fall, the school hopes to offer a concentration in e-commerce for MBA students...

U finances stable under semesters

by Justin Costley
Published November 15, 1999

The semester conversion's impact on tuition revenue, student enrollment and student classload dominated the Thursday meeting of the Board of Regents' Finance and Operations Committee. Peter Zetterberg,...

Csomstock fund gets high-tech home

by Justin Costley
Published November 3, 1999

While Wall Street boasts some of the hottest real-world mutual-fund managers, a group of savvy student investors are burning much brighter at the University. As one of only five student-run mutual funds...

Watercolor artists defy typical limits

by Justin Costley
Published October 25, 1999

Images of peaceful birds, mighty trees and a curious child captivated visitors Friday night at the Katherine E. Nash Gallery in Willey Hall. But the image of a farm in early morning hours filled with vivid...

Exhibit features wood carvings

by Justin Costley
Published October 11, 1999

Inspired by the writings of William Blake and Samuel Butler, Eugene Larkin uses his 'flawless technique' to bring blocks of wood to life with his carving blade in a new exhibition. Larkin, a former University...

Northwoods sculptures transform Bell Museum

by Justin Costley
Published September 27, 1999

Students walking by the Bell Museum of Natural History might notice a change of scenery. New life-size animal sculptures and a landscape of native Minnesota trees, plants and rocks will give passers-by...

Students tailor degrees

by Justin Costley
Published September 7, 1999

Although they might not realize it, students at the University can design the requirements of their own degree program. Don't like foreign language? Don't put it in your program. Want to travel to India?...

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