University student charged with assault in Territorial Hall attack

Justin Costley

Assistant County Attorney Mark Hammer filed third-degree assault charges in Hennepin County District Court Nov. 30 against 19-year-old Eric Cox in connection with his alleged attack of University student Luke Albers in Territorial Hall on Nov. 12.
The beating resulted in serious injury to Albers’ face, including multiple facial fractures which required reconstructive surgery and metal plates to repair.
Court documents state the incident began when Cox, who doesn’t live in Territorial, and a woman he knew in the residence hall encountered a group of people in the hallway.
Michael Wilfahrt, who was among the group, said Cox approached them and remarked, “What’s up, girls?”
He added the group was able to elicit an apology from Cox before he left.
Court documents state Cox was unhappy about having to apologize and said he intended to “get his own apology.”
Ty Pope, who had been among the earlier group, said Cox and two friends came back shortly after and asked where everyone else was.
He said that Cox began knocking on random doors and when Albers answered, Cox threw him across the hall causing Albers to hit his head on the wall, knocking him unconscious.
Pope added Cox jumped on Albers and began punching him before he was pulled off and fled the building.
Albers said he is doing better now despite having two titanium plates in his face.
He declined to comment on the charges because he is considering taking civil action against Cox.
Attorney Hammer said the decision to charge Cox with the crime was based on a culmination of the available evidence, but he added it would be premature to comment on a possible sentencing recommendation.
Cox makes his first court appearance today. If convicted, Cox could face up to five years in jail and a $10,000 fine.

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