Student arrested after making terroristic threats to cashier

by Justin Costley

University Police arrested Lawrence Lyman Jr. on Oct. 12 for making terroristic threats to a cashier in the University’s Office of the Bursar.
Principal cashier Genessa Clement said Lyman came into the office around 12:45 Thursday afternoon. She said he was clearly agitated and inquired about where to pick up his student loan credit check.
After informing him those checks are retrieved at the Student Accounts Receivable office, Clement said Lyman began yelling and screaming, eventually threatening to shoot somebody if he had to wait in line at another office.
Clement apologized to Lyman and repeated the instructions, but could not calm him down.
“He started swearing again, and just kind of yelled and said, ‘If I have to wait in another line, I’m going to flip out and shoot someone.'”
Clement said he had been to the student loan office first and they told him they didn’t know where to pick up his check, but to ask in the bursar’s office.
Initially, Clement, a former University student, said she was apologetic for Lyman’s situation because she’s aware that the size of the University can inhibit students’ abilities to find things.
The threat and the knowledge that students at the Student Accounts Receivable office were waiting 45 minutes, however, made Clement take the situation more seriously.
“I didn’t think he was necessarily serious,” she said. “But I knew he was upset and when somebody says something like that and you know they are on the way to wait in another line, if for any reason something did happen, I wouldn’t want to think, ‘Oh my gosh, I could’ve stopped that.'”
Lyman left the office only a few minutes after he arrived. Clement, following office protocol, immediately informed her supervisor of the threat, who in turn called the University Police.
University Police found Lyman at the Student Accounts Receivable office in Fraser Hall and drove him back to Williamson Hall, where Clement identified him.

In other police news:
Burglary charges were filed Oct. 10 in Hennepin County District Court against David Turner after he and a juvenile allegedly stole three bikes from a residence at 1023 16th Ave. S.E. on the morning of June 10.
Minneapolis police officers stopped the two suspects after hearing the report of the theft and noticing they matched the description given by the victim’s neighbors, according to court documents.
The neighbor noticed thieves remove the bicycles — a Fuji mountain bike, a Magna bike and an older blue bike — from the unlocked front porch area and ride away.
The suspects were riding two bikes and towing a third east on Talmage Avenue, west of 18th Avenue, when they were stopped by police.
The neighbor identified Turner and the other male as the perpetrators; the victim, who had been sleeping at the time of the burglary, identified the bikes as his own.
If convicted, Turner could face up to 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine.

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